19 Luxurious Hotel Services People Are Rushing to Try, and Even the Insanely High Prices Can’t Stop Them

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What do we usually have in a hotel room? A bed, a wardrobe, a mirror, and a TV. Sometimes they also offer breakfast. But what if you stayed in a hotel that had a swimming pool with a private beach view, your own personal doorman, and a grand piano in the living room? Of course, the prices are extremely high in these hotels, but the most surprising thing is that these luxury accommodations are always busy, and it’s even really difficult to book them.

Bright Side decided to do an experiment: we pretended that we were about to go on vacation and stay in a marvelous hotel in April. We turned to Booking.com and chose some 4- and 5-star hotels.

Ancient castle decor and a wine cellar. Spain, Castillo de Arteaga ($180/night)

Walls and furniture are made from salt. Bolivia, Hotel Palacio de Sal (from $205/night)

Transparent walls and a rooftop toilet. China, Glass Cube Guesthouse located at the entrance of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park ($230/night)

View of the Northern lights. Iceland, The 5 Million Star Hotel (from $200/night)

A swimming pool with a private sea view. Greece, The Westin Resort, Costa Navarino ($300/night)

Deckchairs in the swimming pool. Montenegro, The Chedi Luštica Bay (a deluxe suite from $310/night)

Volcano view. Costa Rica, Hotel Arenal Kioro Suites & Spa (a deluxe suite from $330/night)

An apartment that looks like a ship’s cabin + a free transfer to Disneyland. Japan, Sunroute Plaza Tokyo ($350/night)

An apartment that looks like a UFO. Sweden, Treehotel ($456/night)

A yacht-like hotel with a mini-golf course. Vietnam, Stellar of the Seas Cruise (a deluxe room from $590/night)

An outdoor cinema with deckchairs and a view of the Gulf of Thailand. Thailand, Six Senses Samui (a villa from $625/night)

Underwater rooms and a restaurant. China, InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland ($680/night)

A bathroom with marble tile and a personal gym. Greece, Grand Resort Lagonissi (a deluxe suite from $700/night)

A hotel inside of a former prison. USA, The Liberty, a Luxury Collection Hotel (a deluxe suite from $725/night)

Antique furniture and a jacuzzi inside of a cave. Turkey, Hanedan Cave Suites (a deluxe room from $740/night)

Ice furniture. Sweden, Icehotel ($900/night)

A room at an altitude of 130 ft. Netherlands, Crane Hotel Faralda ($1080/night)

A bath in the middle of a swimming pool + seaplane transfer + a butler named Mr. Friday. Maldives, Soneva Fushi (a deluxe suite from $4600/night)

The Bridge Suite on top of a bridge that connects the 2 Royal Tower buildings. Bahamas, The Royal Rooms & Suites (the price is hidden)

Bonus: Deepspot swimming pool, Poland

Deepspot is about to become world’s deepest swimming pool. It’s 148 feet deep and currently under construction in Poland, and is due to open to the public in late 2019.

Would you like to spend a chunk of your salary and stay a couple days in one of these hotels?

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I love love to visit this underwater hotel, if I ever have a chance! Looks super cool, this it's expensive :)
The maintenance of The 5 Million Star Hotel honestly doesn't cost so much. It's just a marketing, and yet people pay for it.
Of course it's beautiful, but you can try to make the same one on your own.
I don't think it's work the money.

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