19 People That Became True Guardian Angels for Animals

3 years ago

There are people in this world that just can’t ignore someone who needs help. They will do everything they can to help and they will save someone’s life without even a second thought. The people this article is about have huge hearts. It’s thanks to them that dogs, cats, birds, and even insects got a chance to live.

We at Bright Side always try to help animals. Also, we are sure that the entire world has to know about these true animal lovers.

“I found him in the forest. I could see he was hungry. We waited for about 3 hours but nobody came for him.”

“Now, this owl is all grown up and for some reason, he loves to live in a TV box.”

“After work, I walked into my building and saw cat stuff. Food, ID, litterbox, and of course the cat. I had my cat at home, so I couldn’t take the new cat there.”

“Went to the vet. The doc said the kitty had problems with its eyes and ears. Now, she’s going through treatment. My sister and her husband decided to take her and now everyone is in love with her.”

“All these guys were rescued from different dangerous situations. We helped all of them and then let them go.”

“Update on kittens found in a dumpster: Within 24 hours we went from hissing to neck warmer. All 3 are recovering well, especially the little lethargic one.”

“Just rescued this guy 2 days ago. I worked to gain his trust before I finally brought him inside. Unfortunately, that scared him, so we’re working on rebuilding that trust again so I can get him checked out with a veterinarian and neutered soon.”

“After he’s healed and healthy, then I can begin the introduction process with my 2 cats.”

“This little girl was thrown away by her previous owners. She somehow survived 3 days and then we found her and we love her.”

“Any kitten can look like this if you rescue it and take good care of it.”

“My mom spends every day catching tangled birds by hand before they lose their limbs and toes. I told her people should know.”

“I found her stumbling around a farm with a pinched nerve in her spine from having too many litters of kittens. She hates my guts, but I love her more than I want to admit.”

“Don’t worry Ava, you’ll always be safe and warm now.”

“Just rescued this beautiful bunny who was dumped at a park! He had been out in the cold for 3 weeks.”

“We just left the shelter! We think he’s happy with us.”

“Saved this lizard from the pool.”

“Found this cat in a carrier that was abandoned at a park. He’s an old man, 11 or 12, black with long fangs. Took him to the vet today. Welcome to the family!”

A man rescues a lion tamarin pup and returns it to his mother

“Adopted this toothless 12-year-old senior dog last month from a shelter and here he is in all his glory!!”

“He looks like an adorable cartoon dog.” © blinkingsandbeepings / Reddit

“Found an injured heron while hiking today. Taking him to the local avian rehab tomorrow.”

“I wanted to save this bumblebee. I had no sugar, so I shared some of my yogurt. He wasn’t a fan of it.”

“Found candy, added a few drops of water. 20 minutes later, he had enough sleep, and then flew away to do his bumblebee stuff.”

“We’ve invited the mother inside and made a comfortable place for her to care for her newborn kitten. She seems very happy here.”

“We rescued her 2 years ago from an extremely abusive and neglectful home. Yesterday she saved me from someone who tried to attack me on our late night walk. I don’t know where I’d be without her.”

Do you have your own story about helping animals?

Preview photo credit Peisah / Pikabu


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