19 People Who Decided to Change and Gave Their Life a New Angle

year ago

Sometimes it’s difficult just to start changing yourself for the better. Step by step, you may notice a huge result that perfectly divides your life into before and after. But if you have a good goal, here is a sign that you should start your journey today without delay.

We at Bright Side got inspired by some people who showed the strength of will and are sharing their achievements with you so you can get some motivation.

1. “From October 2021 to April 2022. The same outfit!”

2. “Daily walks (2-3 miles) and Weight Watchers freestyle plan”

3. “397 lb to 223 lb”

4. “Maintaining since summer 2020 but my body composition continues to change.”

5. “Allow yourself to eat and put strength/health as a priority.”

6. “10 years’ difference”

7. “One year of weightlifting and bulking”

8. “2 years’ difference”

9. “I started lifting after this pic and have gained lots of healthy muscle!”

10. “Finally, I achieved my goal of losing 100 pounds! Such a great feeling, finally.”

11. “2-year loss + 1-year maintenance”

12. “Still have about 40 lb to lose but I’m insanely happy with the progress I am making!”

13. “Almost there!”

14. “I got tired. 100 lb gone!”

15. “The last time I wore traditional Indian wedding attire vs today.”

16. “Love you all, life is good!”

17. “Literally, half the man I used to be!”

18. “I’ll never get over the difference in my face over the past 3 years.”

19. “After two surgeries, I can drop that glasses and live my new life.”

Which picture impressed you the most? What bad habits would you like to quit to live healthier?

Preview photo credit Consistent_Cut9464 / reddit


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