19 Photos From Family Albums That Can Make You Overwhelmed With Emotion

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3 years ago

Family archives are a constant source of positive emotions. The photos can be touching, sometimes too serious or, on the contrary, carefree. The people in these photos are just ordinary men and women who decided to share something very personal with the rest of the world so that we would always remember that family is about love, respect, and smiles. These are the moments of strong feelings, children’s mischief, or chance meetings that were captured on camera.

At the end of this Bright Side article, we prepared a bonus — a touching story of Luke, whose meeting with his future family was seemingly written in the stars.

“My dad and I used to get milkshakes together all the time. My daughter and I are sharing our first milkshake together.”

“She doesn’t know, but at 26, this is the only thing that has never left my backpack. Love you, Mom.”

“My grandma and grandpa dressed up as each other in the 1940s”

“My awesome parents watched my daughter for 6 hours so I could have time to myself for the first time since my daughter was born. After I put her to bed, this is what I saw in the living room.”

“My 7-year-old girl that I rescued 4 years ago is waiting ever so patiently for my 79-year-old Grandma to fix one of her favorite toys.”

“My grandfather (born in 1919) holding my son (born in 2019)”

“My grandfather on my grandmother’s shoulders. Sometime in the 1940s”

“I turned 29 today, but I wish I could go back to 1994 again and just fall asleep in my bean bag chair after watching Power Rangers.

“My grandpa used to grow us giant pumpkins for Halloween and drive them 4 hours to where we lived, so we always had the most epic jack-o’-lanterns.”

“I was in another room and I heard my boyfriend explaining a game to someone. By his voice, he was really excited about it, but there was no one else in the apartment. When I went back to that room, this is what I saw.”

“Me and my best friend in 1958, on a hot summer day in Wichita, Kansas”

“My mom holding me while writing her master’s thesis on the Macintosh Classic II (1991)”

“I’m sitting next to my preschool crush, Thanksgiving 1986. We got married 18 years later.”

“Hopefully we can all find someone who loves us like I loved this cake.”

“My mom with the ‘love of her life’ before I was born”

“Everyone in my family has a pair of ‘scuffies’ from my 93-year-old grandma. Today my long-term boyfriend got his. Welcome to the family!”

“My husband thought she wanted to cuddle. She slowly reached up and grabbed the sucker out of his mouth. We both had a good laugh.”

“My then girlfriend’s first day in the US after coming over from Austria to be with me. This photo was taken 25 years ago, and she has been my wife for the past 22 years.”

Rakhi Dutta, a 19-year-old, donated 65% of her liver to her father who was suffering from a serious liver ailment, without even thinking of the scars, pain, or any future threat. A daughter’s love for her father is always very special.

Bonus: “I got you bud. Forever. It’s you and me.”

This is a photo of a pup that was adopted. He and his other 3 brothers and sisters were found on the street. After vets examined the puppies, they were named after Star Wars characters and began to live in the shelter. The future owners fell in love with the dog at first sight, and after they found out that the dog’s name was Luke Skywalker, they understood they were meant for each other. That’s how Luke got his home and a loving family.

What do you think is the secret of family happiness? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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I was looking at the photo of a grandfather on grandmother shoulders for some minutes.. incredible woman ?
These emotions on old photos.. I feel like you don't find it so often on modern photos.. People pose too much, and it doesn't look genuine
This photo with father and daughter who donated her liver almost made me cry ?
this is learning to appreciate the goodness you have been given - even if you were not the one to manufacture it or come up with the idea!!! God Bless all of you!!!

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