19 Photos Proving Pets Are More Fragile Than We Think

4 years ago

Our pets quickly become our best friends, we get used to their habits and character features, and try to do all we can to make their lives happy. But we can’t always accomplish that, so sometimes our pets get really offended when we leave for work or go on vacation, don’t let them out in the rain, or just say “no.”

But you will probably agree that they still remain very sweet, even when they get a little bit upset, so we at Bright Side wanted you to see the most heartwarming examples.

“I yelled at him and he’s been like this for 10 minutes already.”

“Luna is not a fan of the new puppy.”

“Do not touch my fur ever!”

“I saw my favorite dog outside the grooming salon yesterday. She looked shocked that I don’t live in the salon 24/7.”

“Come on, just take me with you!”

“He gave me this look while waiting for the vet to come in. Took his shots like a champ!”

When you just want a little attention:

“So I was about to put my luggage in the car to head to the airport and when I looked up... This is what I saw.”

Some pets won’t even let their owners pack.

“When I say no:”

“This is the face my kitten gives me when I walk too slow and he has to stop to wait for me.”

“Can I just have one piece?”

Me: “There are a lot of mosquitos, we’re going back home. And don’t look at me with your sad eyes!”


Don’t watch TV with easily-impressed cats.

“My pup used to ride like this in the car because he thought the car meant he was going to the vet.”

When you tell your friends they can help themselves:

“Jack thinks I got another dog and is sad. All I did was sweep the floors for the first time in 3 days.”

“My dog gets visibly upset every time I put on socks because he knows I’m getting ready to leave for work and even though it’s sad, it makes me happy that he loves me so much.”

“Sorry, it’s raining again. I can’t do anything about it.”

Bonus: We all knew that cats were easily-offended, we just didn’t know that it was so intense!

Do your pets often get offended by you?

Preview photo credit hanae0626 / Twitter


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Never scream at your pets! They hear sounds way louder than we think, so it hurts them harder


All of them are so adorable, you just want to cuddle and kiss them. Looking at the sad face of a dog always lets my heart melt. My dog knows that.... ??


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