19 Photos Showing How Powerful Nature Is

5 years ago

Nature is diverse and can behave in so many ways that blow our minds. It could be something as big as a lightning storm or a hurricane, or something as simple as a plant growing through concrete to surprise us. It can destroy and create, and either way nature is a huge and striking power.

Bright Side will show you in this gallery just how powerful nature can be.

1. Hurricane funnel

2. A tree engulfing a mailbox

3. “Paraquita Bay in the British Virgin Islands is used by charter and private boats for waiting out the hurricane season. Here it is before and after.”

4. Supercell thunderstorm covering a field

5. Yet another tree swallowing something, this time it’s a bench.

6. The power of a small leaf

7. This molten lava looks like the gates to hell.

8. “Godafoss (Waterfall of the Gods) is one of the most spectacular falls in Iceland.”

9. Volcano explosion from the top

10. “The Heart of Mordor”

11. Colossal volcano, breathing

12. Shower rain is passing through a village.

13. Whale shark encounter: Their size is impressive.

14. This jellyfish is just huge.

15. The desert taking over Dubai roads

16. Powerful lightning storm in Canada

17. The wave that can destroy everything in its way

18. Roots

19. It’s better not to mess with this waterfall.

Have you ever experienced any of these phenomena? Which was your favorite one? Leave a comment if you liked our article.


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