19 Pictures That Prove Some Things Never Change

4 years ago

We’re all sure that time goes by really fast and it is impossible to trace it. But there are things that never change: spouses’ strong relationships, children’s dreams, and the love from our pets. And we notice how much we resemble our parents, grandparents, and even ourselves as children after comparing several photos from our family albums.

Bright Side demonstrates the most vivid evidence that not all things change in our lives, and it’s great. There’s a bonus in the end that shows that some changes are really important.

“I found an old pic of me playing computer games. As it turns out, I haven’t changed very much.”

“21 years later”

Neo and Trinity haven’t changed a lot, 20 years later.

“They grow so fast.”

“My parents celebrating 37 years together”

Peter Jackson and Orlando Bloom in The Lord of the Rings and in The Hobbit. Can you believe there are 10 years between these 2 pictures?

Childhood dreams do come true.

“Can you guess which one was taken 20 years ago?”

“My mom took me to Walt Disney World in 1996 when I was 15. This summer, at age 38, I returned with my own kids.”

“Dad and daughter. 8 years apart. My husband and I divorced 7 years ago, but they still spend time together.”

“My sisters and I re-created a photo in the same spot in Pompeii. 15 years apart!”

“My daughter, age 2 in 1998 (on the left) and my granddaughter, age 2 in 2019 (on the right.)”

“Dad and me still sailing 27 years later.”

“I recreated this old photo and hung it on the wall instead of the original one. Now I wait to see when my family realizes it’s different.”

“My dad in 1925 and 2015. 90 years and not much changed.”

“My mom and I in 1992 vs My daughter and I in 2016”

It’s as though Game of Thrones hasn’t finished.

“My mom in her youth and me”

“15 years of anniversaries. Can you tell when it stopped being taken with a digital camera and began being taken with a phone?”

Bonus: Some changes do happen and they’re so important and cute!

“Took our 1-year wedding anniversary picture!”

Share your pictures from the past. Let’s compare them to your present photos!

Preview photo credit HelloItsMeBB8 / Reddit


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Loved how the mom and daughter having the wavy curly hair look almost exactly the same?


I really like when people recreate old photos, always cracks me up! ?


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