19 Powerful Stories That Prove Our Planet Runs on Love

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Love is not just about the affection between people. This feeling can come in different forms: valuing the feelings of everyone around you, providing your support, respecting them, and sometimes being ready to compromise yourself. And the best thing about giving your love to others is that it can become a source for your own happiness too.

Bright Side has gathered 19 stories that warmed up our hearts. We can’t wait to share them with you because we are sure they will put a smile on your face too!

1. “My mom crochets and donated 31 blankets to sick children this year.”

2. “We rescued 3 helpless abandoned newborn kittens. Our older cat has fallen in love and has been daddy ever since.”

3. “I deliver part-time. Last night, a woman comes out and says: “I have something for you! I made baby Yoda cookies.”


5. “My wife’s school wouldn’t let me take her to prom because we’re both women, so I threw her one at our home.”

6. “My son has autism and loves walking to the post office. In November I asked on Facebook to send him some letters.”

He has received over 3200 letters and parcels with kind words and encouragement from over 24 different countries. He has lost over 75 lbs from keto and these walks.

7. “In childhood, my mom purposely burnt my teddy bear. It has haunted me ever since. My girlfriend surprised me with this today.”

8. “Today at work, I broke into tears in front of a client on the day of my breakup. He came back 15 minutes later with these.”

It reads: “Hope this brightens your day! Just remember. HIS LOSS! :)”


10. “My cousin was fishing on the river this weekend and rescued this deer who was so tired he was starting to drown.”

11. “My daughter’s letter to her teacher”

It reads: “Dear Mrs. You have been a great art teacher. I was like a blank piece of paper, then you came along and gave me color. Thank you. Your friend.”

12. “Today my friends and I assembled 50 care packages, and handed them out to the homeless in our city.”


14. “Just made it to my mom’s in Arizona, this made me smile.”

It reads: “Welcome home, son. See you in the A.M. Just in case you forgot, I got you!”

15. “This young lady grabbed some eggs and was walking away. A man called her back and showed her how to check and see if the eggs are cracked.”

16. “My lunch was stolen, so I posted a note asking the person who took it to return a bowl to ‘a broke college kid.’ Then I got this from a kind stranger.”


18. “I’m a doctor. I’ve worked every day so far. I came home from work, and found this care package left by my neighbors.”

19. “I posted some questions about computers to surprise my son. A kind user saw my budget was low and sent me this!”

Do you have your own stories about wholesome things that have happened to you? Let’s share them in the comment section!

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That first one is really really brave... what an amazing dad!


4 is really nice! Must feel great to have a positive impact on other peoples lives!


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