19 Times Nature Gave a Personal Touch to Our Pets’ Looks, and It’s Pure Magic

4 years ago

Tabby, spotted, ticked, and marbled — cats and dogs come in all colors and patterns, and they all suit them well. But now and then, mother nature has something special for our furry friends, be it a cute heart-shaped spot, a fancy mustache, or a crazy long beard that makes your dog look like a cartoon hero.

Here at Bright Side we have no doubt that nature’s creativity has no limits, but these cats and dogs made us think, “Wow! That’s something new!”

1. This handsome guy will steal your heart in seconds.

2. “My mom’s cat looks like she’s wearing a fancy sweater.”

3. “I’m pretty sure my neighbor’s dog is the Lorax.”

4. When mother nature ran out of ink:

5. That’s definitely the best eye makeup a cat can have!

6. This pup’s fur looks like a night sky full of stars.

7. It’s hard to believe that a puppy could ever look prettier.

8. Meet white eyed Rowdy. His mission is to inspire people (and pets!) with vitiligo to be more confident and embrace their unique looks.

9. Sometimes nature can be way too precise...

10. The spot on this dog’s back looks like a woman’s silhouette.

11. He’s the Hercule Poirot of the cat world.

12. “My dog has wizard eyebrows.”

13. “When my cat lies down all of his white aligns.”

14. “My dog’s paw has a paw print on it.”

15. Those teef though...

16. “The patterns on my cat form another cat.”

17. This dog’s fur pattern looks like an oil painting by Van Gogh.

18. “My dog’s paws are completely webbed.”

19. It’s hard to look serious when you always have that charming smile on your face!

Have you ever seen animals with unusual fur markings or other unique features? Did you manage to take a photo? Please share your pics in the comments below!

Preview photo credit kallisto_ / Reddit


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