19 Wow-Worthy Things Only Nature Could Create

3 years ago

We have 7 wonders of the ancient world and 7 natural wonders. But it seems to us that these lists are too small. After all, a tree that can grow fruit on its trunk, a pizza stone, and a rainbow cloud can also be considered “one of a kind” and definitely deserve our attention.

We at Bright Side were able to find 19 examples of natural creativity. And we invite you to look at our list of wonders of the world.

1. A rare yellow turtle found in India

2. “Best eggplant ever”

3. 25 generations of stacked up bird nests in an unused chimney

4. “Snow melted and only left foot prints.”

5. “Spotted a rainbow cloud from my balcony.”

6. “This golden canary melon has a triangular seed area.”

7. “This tree that has grown across the driveway and sprouted more trees off the top”

8. “Found these crazy pink and purple seeds inside our runner bean plant.”

9. This rock looks like pizza!

10. “This tiny, fully ripe cantaloupe from our garden”

11. “Beaver chew marks on a tree that I found”

12. “The last bit of summer left in this leaf”

13. “A crystal my brother found that kind of looks like a bean burrito”

14. “The size of this blueberry”

15. This tree grows its fruit all over the trunk.

16. “My son found a pink grasshopper”

17. “The way the snow melted from the sun made it look like little frosty pine trees on my car.”

18. “Cubed root”

19. These opals look magical.

Have you ever come across something unusual? What was it? We’d be happy to see your photos in the comments.

Preview photo credit deva_iitkgp / Twitter


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ok. guilty as charged but I thought the little yellow turtle... was a taco of some kind at frist glance ahhahaha


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