20+ Amateur Bakers Whose Creations Can Make You Smile and Drool

3 years ago

Some of us always burn bread in the toaster while others can create real masterpieces from flour, eggs, and milk. Moreover, baking is quite a beneficial hobby. And it isn’t just amateur bakers who get satisfaction from the process but also the people around them who occasionally get sweet gifts.

We at Bright Side were literally drooling while working on this compilation. We also promised ourselves that we’d finally repeat the little culinary feat made by the author of the last bonus photo.

“She wasn’t impressed by my macarons.”

“A patient baked these uterus cookies and gifted them at the pre-op appointment prior to her hysterectomy.”

“My grandma’s mom used to make a blackberry jam cake every year for her birthday. Grandma mentioned she wished she could taste it again. Eventually, I managed to cook the cake according to her descriptions.”

“My best friend and I made 19 trays of Armenian baklava for my daughter’s wedding.”

“My best friend’s daughter asked for a birthday cake that looks like her pony, French Fry. I did my best!”

“A 15-layer rainbow cake with buttercream frosting for my brother’s thirty-first birthday that somehow stayed upright.”

“Done for today. Please excuse my mess! I just finished working.”

You know it’s a nice glaze when you can see yourself taking the picture in it.

“All the birthday cakes I’ve baked for my boyfriend since I took up baking as a hobby per his suggestion 4 years ago”

“Made a teeny tiny sandwich bread loaf just for kicks!”

“My stepdad made this incredible corgi cake for my mom’s coworker. She just adopted a new corgi after the passing of her old one a few months ago.”

“38 weeks pregnant but I found the energy to bake this fruit tart (the craving is REAL).”

“I ’decorated’ my first cake. I know it’s kind of ugly but I can’t help but be proud of it.”

“A completely edible pufferfish cake. So fun!!!!!”

“Designed by my 5-year-old, executed by me”

Nothing special, just a flamingo cake!

“I can’t stop making tiny cakes.”

“Wife made her first cheesecake for my birthday. It’s the prettiest cheesecake I’ve ever seen.”

Someone’s going to be the first one to taste this cake.

“I’m a new dad — meet Peter Pretzel. Baked today and he’s 1 lb, 4 oz and 21.”

“My first time making bread by hand! It’s a turtle!”

Bonus: a little culinary achievement

“I managed to open a bag of flour without tearing it to pieces.”

We wonder what bakery masterpieces you managed to create. Please share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit NoWorriesJake / reddit


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