20 Amusing Coincidences That Prove Reality Just Wants to Mess Around Sometimes

2 years ago

Call it a miracle or a glitch in the Matrix, but there are many unlikely things and events that are scattered all around us. A perfectly round rainbow or the sun hitting with the precision of a sniper rifle, or even your own face printed on a T-shirt in another city. It’s always puzzling yet fun when we happen to find this stuff.

We at Bright Side gathered 20 photos that will leave more questions than answers behind them.

1. “A full rain...circle.”

  • “All rainbows are circles, you just can’t see all of them at the same time unless you’re in this type of situation. To top it off, they’re usually double rainbows too.” © dragon1n68 / reddit

2. “I found my doppelgänger on a thrifted T-Shirt, 2,700 miles away!”

3. “A cicada on my cicada tattoo”

4. “The butterfly hat I bought today attracted an actual butterfly.”

5. “Baby bird in the mouth of a wolf statue at my university”

6. “My dog yawned at the exact moment I took a photo of him in front of the graffiti that looks like him.”

7. “This rat snake has a mouse pattern on its head.”

8. “Outhouse at the end of a rainbow”

9. “2 ducks standing on a submerged log looks like they’re standing on the surface of the water.”

10. “This seedling that grew out of my sponge”

11. “Our new kitten has a dog’s face on his forehead.”

12. “A coffee stain that looks like Earth.”

13. “The sun on my window made a rainbow that’s split in half by my chair leg.”

14. “I took a shower and my phone was with me, the water drops formed a tree on the back of my phone.”

15. “My puppy kinda looks like this mug my parents have had for almost 20 years.”

16. “A bird has made a nest in my front door wreath!”

17. “Found this prehistoric beast under my dishrag.”

18. “One of my leopard tortoise’s scutes looks like a heart.”

19. “The way the paint dried in this old bottle looks like a tidal wave.”

20. “A vibrant and clear spectrum of colors refracting through my apparently prismatic window onto my arm”

What unexpected coincidences have you found? Share your stories and photos with us!

Preview photo credit RichardMcLuvin / reddit


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birds always find the best places to make their nests.. :)


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