20 Animals That Flaunted Their Winter Looks, and We Can’t Help but Hold a “Who Wore It Better” Contest

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Wicked weather isn’t just hard on people, animals also suffer in it. And while some species can migrate to other places and enjoy the climate they need, there are the others who have no other option but to stay. Luckily, designers are ready to help you keep your cutie pies warm and stylish. You can choose anything you want — from a hat to a costume.

We at Bright Side don’t like the cold either and feel all warmed up when we look at the photos below.

20. When you are brave as a lion, but trapped in a guinea pig’s body:

19. We feel like this belongs in a fashion catalog.

18. Family look

17. When you’re waiting for the Christmas gifts to be opened:

16. We’re interested to see if this shop makes these scarves and hats for people.

15. Goats also smile when they are warm.

14. This chicken came straight from the 19th century.

13. We want to squeeze those cheeks.

12. We remember how our grandparents always told us that the most important thing was to keep our heads warm.

11. When the boss didn’t approve your request for winter vacation:

10. “Do you think it suits me?”

9. Let’s leave all the “whys” aside and just enjoy the view.

8. This agama lizard doesn’t like winter, but it likes its winter outfit.

7. They are having a wooly great time.

6. This color highlights her skin tone.

5. You have to coat your goat.

4. “How I look after I tell my husband to choose anything he likes.”

3. When you like your reflection in the mirror:

2. Everyone wants to look festive during the holidays.

1. Sssssssssssombrero for a snake

Do you think that animals need warm clothes?


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