20 Animals Who Can Enrich Your Mood Like Nothing Else

3 years ago

Animals can turn any normal day around with their goofy antics and tricks, whether they’re simply being mischievous or smothering you with love. They offer endless entertainment and company, providing us with our daily dose of smiles.

Bright Side has found some of the most endearing animals and pets, and it’s hard not to feel happy about it.

1. “My dog loves hiking, but sometimes she’s just a lazy swine.”

2. “A photo of my old dog carrying a rose for my mom”

3. The face you make when 6 kittens all fall asleep on you

4. “My daughter’s poodle saying goodbye”

5. An extremely excited bunny posing for a photo

6. “His way of saying he’s done walking”

7. “A big smile after a big run!”

8. “This is how my derpy Frenchie begs for my snacks.”

9. “He was wonderfully caught off-guard.”

10. You can’t argue with this cuteness when it steals your food.

11. “I pretended to sneeze to get her attention for the photo. Worked too well.”

12. When the cat wreaks havoc on your precious toilet paper

13. A more perfectly timed photo would be hard to find.

14. I think it’s trying to tell us something...

15. This husky sure knows how to sabotage a photo.

16. “I heard that you wanted doughnuts!”

17. “Our daughter’s reaction to learning the puppy wasn’t just a foster”

18. “His face when I told him we were going on a car ride”

19. “A distraction from my essay writing”

20. When you have a raccoon for a neighbor

Do you have an animal that makes you laugh endlessly? What do they do? Please share their pics with us for a giggle!


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