20 Animals Who Got a Special Gift From Nature

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There are no 2 people with the same fingerprints. Even our furry friends have unique prints on their toe beans and noses. But some animals are twice as lucky because it seems that nature loved them a bit more than the others when creating them. How else can we explain cute hearts on their fur or neon scales on their skin?

At Bright Side, we love animals and couldn’t pass by these charming creatures. In the bonus section, you’ll see an unusual yet charming dog.

1. “We adopted 2 kitties last week. We got them home and noticed one of them was covered in hearts, 7 and counting. Here’s River, King of Hearts.”

2. It’s as if the face of this bull calf was dipped in white paint.

3. “My boyfriend said Belle’s different colored eyes creeped him out when we adopted her, but I think they’re beautiful!”

4. “Meet my crested gecko. His name is Echo and he is a bi-color morph with dalmatian spots.”

5. 16 feet of elegance!

6. Some lobsters are blue as a result of a genetic mutation that causes them to produce an excessive amount of a particular protein. 1 in every 2 million lobsters is blue.

7. It seems that this dog has a mask on its face.

8. “Barry’s mustache means he’s always smiling.”

9. When nature is a Photoshop pro:

10. “The printer ran out of ink.”

11. “My cat has a heart on her nose.”

12. “Mister Oliver has a freckled nose.”

13. This unusual spot makes it look like this cat has 3 layers of whiskers.

14. This cat is either a pilot or a call center operator.

15. When nature runs out of paint:

16. “Meet Dexter and his strong eyeliner game.”

17. “Bella’s eyeliner is on point today.”

18. “My cat has multi-colored toe beans.”

19. “I hope he never grows into those ears.”

20. “My Aussie, Bodhi, has heterochromia, the scientific term for having 2 different colored eyes. He actually has some blue in the right corner of his brown eye!”

Bonus: “Izzy has an unusual nose but lots of love to give.”

What color is your pet? Maybe they also have some unique features! Share their photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit hbwnot / reddit


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my furgirly Onyx is all white, except for a black circle, dead center on top of her head. Which turns to a heart when she smiles. When its a circle it looks like my favourite gemstones, an Onyx 😊
here she is showing that love to Sister-Bump

Comment with image on Bright Side

4 & 6 are my favourites, however So many Gorgeous faces how on earth can you not say Awwwe including Beautiful Onyx. 😉💜


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