20 Animals Who Love Us Unconditionally

3 years ago

Having a pet is incredibly great. Animals give their love to people 24/7 and it's impossible to stay indifferent. People are often ready to do anything just to make sure their pets are happy.

Bright Side has collected several moving photos that will make even the most cynical person smile.

1. "My dad's dog Rio is 14 years old and recently went blind. He pats his leg when he walks and she follows him everywhere he goes. Mom got him the perfect shirt."

2. "My girlfriend's dog turned 6 the other day."

3. This golden retriever, Loubie, adores hugging people!

4. "Her face is a little crooked, but she’s the best dog in the whole world!"

5. "He's usually skittish, but he's not feeling great so he's been letting me cuddle him like a baby for hours every day."

6. "Dad fell into our pool while saving a little duckling. He’s a hero."

7. "He only ever barks when he’s having a nightmare. He’s a rescue dog. I don’t know what happened to him before but he’s always desperate for more food! He’s a good boy."

8. "Favorite picture of my daughter and her dog on her 2nd birthday."

9. "After 2 years of my dog never wanting to sit next to people, she's finally allowing me to sit next to her when she sleeps."

10. Everyone loves this dog for its smile.

11. "When he wants to go for a walk but doesn't want do any of the walking."

12. "Wife travels for work. Animal friends aren't allowed on the bed when she's at home, so this is how we manage when she's gone."

13. "This is Honey!" (5 seconds before she ate the flower)

14. "I finally got my cat back from my ex-wife. I think she’s settling in to her new home nicely."

15. "This is my friend's dog Skippy. He's 11 years old and has no teeth, but his tail is always wagging."

16. "My hotel in Munich has an old dog named Jake as their mascot, his job is to welcome and be petted."

17. "I can’t hold him with one hand anymore and he hurts my back whenever I pick him up, but he still loves being held like a puppy."

18. "My old man, Chief, dressed up to stand next to me at my wedding."

19. "Little fellow currently training to be a certified cat."

20. And here is another hug from Loubie!

Bonus: Even if you think that you don't love animals, there is no way you can resist their charm.

"My wife reminds me that I “hated cats”... Yes, he’s grown on me and rides around on me like an evil parrot. He is a wicked genius but he’s so cute it’s disgusting."

Which of these pictures seemed the cutest to you? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit louboutinanyc / instagram


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