20+ Animals Whose Life Is Just Like a Movie

4 years ago

Charismatic pets took over the internet because they make us believe that, in the animal world, they have same emotions, events, and challenges as we do. But some animals are living proof of it — they act just like they star in comedies, dramas, or action movies and can even beat some hooman actors!

Here at Bright Side we adore seeing pictures of animals with amazing magnetism and charisma and we also love sharing the best of the best with you. So scroll down and enjoy!

1. My sister saw this proposal.

2. If gorillas could play in movies, these ones would definitely be “Best Kiss” award winners!

3. A lion that looks like Scar from The Lion King

4. Real-life Timon and Pumbaa!

5. When it’s your first day at work and there’s a lady who wants to speak to the manager:

6. That’s a legit gangsta crew!

7. How does one get invited to such a pawty?

8. “My friend’s dog looks like Buck from Ice Age.”

9. Initiation into the order of fluffy chivalry

10. “Aren’t you a little short for a cow?”

11. Gimme all the doggy treats you have, hooman!

12. Nothing special, just a little raccoon reading his morning news.

13. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

14. If dogs were pop-stars

15. Mission impawsible

16. A sassy panda being fed up

17. Otters looking like BFFs gossiping at lunch

18. He had a long day of chasing the laser pointer...

19. Go back up to land, hooman!

20. “As soon as I take over your human world, you will pet me whenever I tell you to.”

21. When me and my besties go for a walk around the block:

22. Dropping their debut album this summer

Have you ever seen such movie-like animal situations? We’re waiting for your stories and photos in the comments!


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