20+ Animals Whose Size Is Out of This World

4 years ago

Animals come in a variety of sizes, from tiny tadpoles to 30 m long whales — as we all know. But sometimes nature astonishes us with rabbits the size of adult dogs, and goats as tiny as kittens.

So here at Bright Side we love all kinds of animals regardless of their size and what we love even more is to share pictures of the most remarkable ones with you!

1. Imagining the rest of its body gives me chills.

2. That`s a hella lot of calamari rings.

3. Imagine hugging them!

4. Dog-sized coconut crabs!

5. Hello world!

6. That little patch of white fur on its head is adorable.

7. This bug-eyed, precious creature fits on a leaf!

8. A 28 lb stray cat that was adopted by a pet store owner

9. The world’s largest parrot species, Hyacinth Macaws, are actually very sweet and gentle!

10. Big Jake, the world’s tallest horse alive today

11. Little bundle of joy is smaller than my palm!

12. My dog thinks he’s a lap dog when my grandma stops by.

13. This sugar glider’s tail is longer than the rest of its body!

14. “My coworker brought her baby goat to work. She fell asleep in my arms.”

15. Cuteness overload!

16. This baby ghost crab is so tiny it’s almost transparent!

17. These bats look like Dracula’s little helpers.

18. Have you ever seen a little baby puffer fish?

19. Welcome to South Dakota. You lost?

20. It probably takes a lot to feed this seal!

21. Tiny baby quoll

22. World’s largest wombat!

23. A teeny tiny piglet that fits in one hand!

Have you ever met unusually small or large animals? We’d be happy to see your stories and pictures in the comment section below!


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Those huge dogs look nice but imagine actually living with one.. what if they wanna sleep on your lap?


Cuteness overloaded! Such beautiful creatures! It's sad what we humans do to animals and the nature


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