20 Babies That Look as If They’ve Aged in the Blink of an Eye

There’s nothing more overwhelming than holding a newborn for the first time. You are suddenly flooded with feelings of love, tenderness, and protection.

However, some babies are born into this world with such a unique appearance, they seem to be living their lives in reverse. It’s as if they’ve aged in just a few hours. Who knows? Maybe we should ask them for advice on how to make better decisions.

1. “My twins look like an old married couple.”

2. “Are you wearing that?”

3. “Years before my mother gave me a mullet and then a bowl cut, she gave me this lovely combover.”

4. “This will forever be my favorite picture of my baby girl.”

5. “My 1-day-old daughter wondering why her pension fund dried up so quickly.”

6. Nine months inside mom’s belly, and they end up looking like dad...

7. “My few-week-old baby boy is an ancient witch.”

8. “Five weeks old and so grumpy”

9. “Three weeks going on 93 years old”

10. Someone’s looking forward to bingo night!

11. “85 years (8 weeks) of pure joy with this furrowed brow”

12. “Anyone seen my teeth?”

13. “Me at five months old dressed as a sailor”

14. “My best friend’s son always looks like he’s wondering if retirement can come any faster.”

15. “Everyone knows not to bother Sondra from payroll during tax season.”

16. “My 2-week-old looking like he is a mini-me.”

17. “The perfect picture from when my son was two weeks old”

18. “I ain’t happy.”

19. “The forehead and hairline of a century-old man.”

20. “My son is only five days old and has already seen too much of life.”


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