20+ Beach Photos That Prove Women Have Always Been Fond of Daring Swimsuits

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2 weeks ago

Most of us remember our grandmothers as women of age, wearing modest dresses and scolding their granddaughters for too revealing outfits. But once grandmothers were young too, and they used to rock racy swimsuits on the shores of rivers, lakes and oceans, flaunt their chiseled legs and wasp waist. And it's a real pleasure to look at these vintage photos.

"My gorgeous granny back in '63. Right when bikinis started to be acceptable."

"My grandparents at Bognor Beach - 1957"

"My grandmother in her twenties on her first vacation around 1955. She hated swimming but loved sunbathing."

"Around 1945. My grandmother is on the left, in a bikini."

"My paternal grandmother on the beach with her teeny puppy, late 1940s-early 1950s"

"My great-grandparents at the beach, circa. 1935"

"My mom, aunt, and grandmother beaching it in the 60s"

"My grandma rocking a daring bikini, 1952. She’s around 18 here."

"My great-grandmother and her friends having a beach day about 1915"

"My grandma on the beach in Brooklyn, 1940s"

"My great-grandma in her bathing suit, considered scandalous at the time (1920s)"

"My paternal grandparents swimming, 1951. Together until she passed away in 2001."

  • I want to meet a girl that looks at me like your grandmother looks at your grandfather. © gcerullo / Reddit

"My beautiful grandmother on a beach vacation in 1957"

"My grandma on her honeymoon in the early 50s, taken by my grandpa."

"My Norwegian grandparents, 1935. My grandma would swim for hours and my grandpa would follow her around in the kayak."

"My grandmother swimming at Wentz Pool in Ponca City. Taken in the 1950s."

"My grandparents in the 70s. They lived a happy life together."

"Grandma (on the right) and her friend on the beach in Portugal, circa 1955"

"My grandma and grandpa on the beach, 1942. I think my grandma has her bathing suit strap untied to avoid tan lines!"

"My grandmother on the beach in 1956. She wasn't a model or a movie star - just an ordinary girl."

"Grandma and her sister on the beach in the 1950s"

"My grandmother, posing in the 1950s"

"My grandma and her cool friends having fun in the ocean (1940s)"

"My grandmother (left) in 1952. This is one of her last photos."

We can look through vintage photos without end because they are so nostalgic. Here's another article about it. Check it out.

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