20 Before and After Photos That Showcase Progress and Hard Work

3 years ago

Photos taken before and after weight loss, changing one’s interior design, or, for example, taking care of a plant, are always impressive because they show big changes. They are like films that are immediately fast-forwarded to the most interesting moment.

At Bright Side, we love the photos that demonstrate not only noticeable transformations but also the work that was done to achieve the prominent results.

“100 pounds down in 2 years! I’ve never been more proud of myself.”

“Jo was adopted 3 months ago. I hardly recognize her in earlier pictures, and I can’t believe how fluffy she’s gotten.”

“I can’t believe I used to prefer my hair long & straight over short & curly!”

“The before and after results of cleaning and polishing an old purse of my mom’s from the ’80s!”

“My friend needed someone to fix a cake that she got from a decorator. I’m proud of my clean-up job!”

“I don’t think our retaining wall had been touched since it was built in 1983.”

A little over a year and about 175 pounds lighter

“The progression of this cocoon hanging off the side of our house is awesome. Photos taken 8 days apart.”

“Our kitchen before and after remodeling.”

“This arrangement I made is doing remarkably well. Before/After. Time: About 5 months.”

“In 2006 my boyfriend asked me to do an epic painting for his birthday.”

“10 years later I decided it was time to finally do what I really wanted. I quit my old job and started to learn how to paint. I never stopped since then! And I’ve painted him updated versions over the years.”

“One week after breast reduction surgery. I am overjoyed with the results.”

“This is how my garage gym has changed since last year.”

“My calamondin! I feel like a proud parent.”

Calamondin is a small hybrid citrus tree (note from Bright Side).

“Before & after trying to do something about my depression”

“This was my first ever interior decoration gig. I debated a narrow apartment balcony. Here are the before and after photos.”

Before and after the first haircut

“My 52-year-old buddy, who has a bad hip, did all this landscaping himself with no prior experience.”

“Did you do anything to your face, Botox, braces, facial yoga, etc.?” — “No, I just lost 43 pounds.”

“6 years ago today I got a surgery to straighten up my spine, and this is the before/after result. I gained 2 inches in the process.”

Do you have any before and after photos that you’d like to share with us?

Preview photo credit gabdalessandro1113 / Reddit


Unfortunately, when you undergo a breast réduction surgery, they grow back after some time, since they're made of fat 😢
Not to downplay any of the wonderful hard work involved in many of these, but I honestly like both versions of the kitchen. I think a checkerboard floor looks a bit better on a different shaped kitchen, but it was still a pleasant before. I would be happy with either.

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