20+ Before and After Pics of Pets That Are Like Day and Night

4 years ago

These images are shining examples of how just 5 minutes can make a huge difference when it comes to animals. Even a simple haircut has the power to make you wonder if it’s the same dog — which is especially true after a wild trip to the dog park.

We at Bright Side want to share some fun images that changed our moods for the better.

1. Love and care do magic, even after 1 week!

2. “He can finally see the world.”

3. “After a trip to the groomer, I have a new stuffed toy.”

4. “Before and after my dog realized I walked into the room”

5. A real cutie, even after getting a haircut

6. “Before and after adoption with his sister”

7. “He caught me taking a picture of him.”

8. The magic of a power wash

9. “After his first hair cut — that face!”

10. “After he realized he didn’t get his treat first...”

11. It must have been a huge relief!

12. “Before and after getting his holiday look”

13. After realizing it wasn’t a good idea to play in the mud...

14. Before and after a special haircut

15. “Waiting for a walk was worth it!”

16. “After being told he’s the cutest”

17. “The day he was brought into the shelter vs after I adopted him”

18. “Before and after his first check-up”

19. Before and after falling asleep — many of us can relate.

20. Trying a puppuccino for the first time

21. Before and after the dog park

22. “I thought my wife brought the wrong dog back home.”

23. “He woke up when he heard the sound of me taking a picture.”

Which animal made their way into your heart? Have you ever experienced a shocking before and after moment with your pet?

Preview photo credit ermingtrout / reddit


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i know i am too old to be looking at this kind of stuff, but it really adds a brightside to my day.



Some of these really changed a lot! Can't believe number 6 ?


Some dogs look like a different breed when you shave them ?


look at that innocent face of dog at no.13....after playing in the mud....?


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