10+ brilliant ideas for keeping your things in order at home

9 months ago

Everyone probably has hundreds upon hundreds of small but important and useful things lying around at home: spools of thread, rubber bands, earrings, brushes, pencils, and so on. All of them need to be organized and stored in a way which will keep them within reach, but without taking up space or getting lost at the same time.

We at Bright Side decided it was time to share with you these 20 simple and reliable ways for storing these small items. They’re all easily achieved and will bring a new-found order to your home. You’re welcome!

Use a bamboo napkin to keep cosmetic brushes in one place

One simple way to make sure you never lose your jewelry and cosmetics ever again:

A few old tools and a wooden plank are all you need to make an extra coat hanger

Using an old ladder is a great way to store your high-heeled shoes

Got tons of wool? Well, this is how you can store it in a way which is both accessible and stylish:

Wire netting is a great solution for storing earrings

How to keep all of your correspondence in one place:

Different hooks for different stuff:

You just need one hanger for storing all your shawls and scarves...

Use cardboard tubes for all your pens, markers, and pencils:

Empty bottles work a treat for keeping bracelets in one place:

Hang up your necklaces like this, and you’ll never have any trouble unravelling them again:

One small box can become a home for all your rings

Use a spring hook to keep all your hair ties in one place:

Every accessory needs its own place

Use a bulldog clip to quickly find the right cable

A wall made from old corks is an inventive way to display small notes and photos

Paint your various keys different colors using nail polish to avoid mixing them up


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