20 Celebrity Parents of 2019 Whose Pics Are Radiating With Happiness

4 years ago

While some celebrities like to keep the identity of their babies private, others love to show them to the world mere weeks after their birth. 2019 was the year a lot of celebrities decided to welcome a new baby into their family and their photos are filled with far too much happiness to not be shared with everyone.

Bright Side created a list of 20 celebrities who decided to bring more joy to their lives by becoming parents in 2019.

1. Gordon Ramsay

2. Kim Kardashian

3. Shawn Johnson

4. Carrie Underwood

5. Nick Carter

6. Snooki

7. Alanis Morissette

8. Lily Aldridge

9. Jessica Simpson

10. Robin Thicke

11. Amy Schumer

12. Jade Roper Tolbert

13. Daphne Oz

14. Mario Lopez

15. Amy King

16. Joanna Krupa

17. Jedediah Bila

18. Dan Reynolds

19. Teresa Palmer

20. Andy Cohen

Do you believe it’s a good idea to show off your babies to the world like these celebrities do or would you say it’s better to keep them private?


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#3 hello cutie pie!!! Shawn Johnson's baby is like a sweet candy **


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