20 Children Who Are Copy-Paste Versions of Their Parents

3 years ago

While we can only guess how we’ll look when we get older, some people can simply pull out their family album and find out for themselves. Blessed with great genetics, people are sharing photos of their parents and themselves with resemblances that are uncanny. It’s almost as if their genes used the “copy-paste” feature on a computer.

Bright Side has picked 20 brilliant photos which will have you questioning if the pics are really of 2 different people.

1. “My dad and me, 38 years apart”

2. “My dad and his friend 30 years ago vs his son and me today”

3. “My husband (1978) and daughter (2012)”

4. “Me at 20 vs my dad at 18”

5. “My father and me in 1980, and my son and me in 2018”

6. Same nose, same hair, same glasses

7. “My mom and me in saris as teenagers”

8. “My dad’s Lebanese passport pic (early 1980s) and my youngest brother in the present day”

9. “My brother and his son in 1998 and 2020”

10. “Dad in 1972 vs me in 2000”

11. “Split (left: me, right: my mom)”

12. “My dad on the right in the 1980s vs me on the left in 2015”

13. “My daughter at age 2 in 1998 on the left and my granddaughter at age 2 in 2019 on the right”

14. “Me in the ’70s and my son a few years ago — I thank my mom for the bangs!”

15. “My mom (who’s Sicilian) vs me (who’s Finnish and English)”

16. “My mom and me in 2005 vs me now — everyone says I look exactly like her when she was a teenager.”

17. “My little clone! My son and me, 33 years apart. I’m his mom, by the way.”

18. “My sister and me in 1984-ish vs my daughters now”

19. My dad and me, both at age 24 and wearing the same glasses

20. “This is my 9-month-old daughter vs a picture of myself at 9 months.”

Do you look like your parents? Do your children look like you? Share your photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Nadname / Reddit


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How can your mom be Sicilian but you are Finnish and English... wouldn't that make the daughter Finnish, English and Sicilian?


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