20 Creative Benches That Will Up Your Seating Game

5 years ago

Have you ever seen benches that you don’t want to sit on because they’re so incredibly beautiful? Some designers can turn ordinary street benches into masterpieces that attract people from all over.

Bright Side is inspired by the way some people see regular, sometimes boring things and we want to share some pictures of their creations with you.

Holding a bench

A hippo to cheer you up

A whale’s tail

A dragon bench made out of wood

A caring bench with an umbrella

A bench in a tree

Unusual textures

So that you can drink a cup of coffee...

A multifunctional bench

A bench in Dalí’s theatre-museum

For single people

A sculpture in a mall

This picnic table has a built in seat for babies and a small bench for kids.

When you want to talk:

For those who love different kinds of music

Ready to fly?

A bench that is always pleased to see you

Would you like to take a seat on one of these benches? Which bench did you find to be the most beautiful?


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