20+ Cuddly Baby Animals That Can Steal Your Heart Once and for All

4 years ago

Warning: This article may contain an overload of endearing content! Baby animals around the globe are constantly being photographed, and sometimes when we don’t see them in day-to-day life, it’s easy to forget how dangerously delightful these tiny creatures are.

The Bright Side team had no choice but to show these precious munchkins to the world, and you’re bound to squeal at how adorable these cuties are.

1. If the baby squirrel wants to snuggle on your hand, you cannot move for the rest of the day.

2. This calf is just so hard to resist, especially with his cheeky little tongue.

3. Those eyes are just screaming, “Please wrap your arms around me.”

4. This baby is so precious, it literally looks like a toy.

5. “Little Zhen Zhen is a very determined little climber!”

6. “Just a wee muskox lichen his pillow.”

7. Learning to be a fierce predator or killing us with sweetness?

8. This little piggy made it impossible for us to say no!

9. This little baby raccoon is so squishable!

10. Forget everything you know about skunks and look at this adorable baby!

11. This chubby little hippo is looking for snuggle buddy.

12. This baby got me feline like my heart will explode.

13. “Our hedgie loves sleeping in momma’s hand.”

14. This little munchkin is fully koalafied in the art of being darling.

15. “You know I know I’m lovable right? So get over here and give me a hug!”

16. This little otter is looking for permanent love, and who would be able to turn him away?

17. It’s impossible not to fawn over this tiny deer.

18. Teeny tiny rabbit with teeny tiny ears is making my teeny tiny heart grow giant.

19. “Hey! Hey you, I missed my morning hug so I’m going to need an extra one immediately.”

20. This fennec fox pup has nothing but love in its eyes!

21. This cheeky tapir will have everyone poking their tongue out soon.

22. Wallabys aren’t just good hoppers... they’re positively adorable, too!

23. “Hamming it up in a sweater and lil’ booties.”

24. This little fluff ball could steal our heart any day of the week.

Which baby animal makes you want to wrap your arms around them the most and never let go? Comment below and post your own precious pictures that make you constantly go, “awwwwww!”


This is the happiest piggy I have ever seen. I'm melting from her smile ?

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