20 Dads Who Are So Cool, the Whole Internet Went, “Aww!”

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2 years ago

Not all fathers are famous actors, athletes, or scientists. But there are dads that are so cool, they can give even the most outstanding men a run for their money. And today, we’re going to tell you about these awesome dads.

Bright Side proves that there are men who are not just the coolest, but also the most caring guys who love their children to the moon and back.

“Saw this father and daughter cosplay. The little girl was all smiles until picture time, then she got into character.”

“This guy kept his hand in this position for more than 45 minutes so his daughter could sleep well.”

“My daughter was nervous about having an IV put in. My boyfriend sat and showed her exactly how it would work and said he’d have one put in too.”

“I promised my daughter I’d donate my hair with her. It took 2 years but it was worth it!”

“Took about 60 hours to make, only to be used for a total of 4 months.”

“First Halloween as a single dad, my girls wanted me to sew them costumes. P.S. Hair loopies are hard!”

“Single dad with 4 daughters, one of which wanted a Star Wars Princess party, so you do what you got to do.”

“My dad is the king of selfies.”

The best cosplay ever

“She wanted pink, so pink it is!”

These community classes encourage fathers by helping them learn how to do hair and use it as a tool to better connect with their daughters.

“It’s not always easy being a single dad but sometimes I get to experience some things other dads might not.”

“My daughter asked when I’d teach her how to shave her legs. Had to practice...”

“My dad and brother recreated this photo 26 years later. The same strength!”

“She’s too young for Comicon, so my little girl and I had a Comicon at home, where she got front row seats at a panel featuring her favorites!”

“The kids said they were better than the local donut shop so I was a happy dad. Super pleased with the shiny glaze.”

“Before bed, my daughter put a grow-a-pony in a bowl of water. I replaced it with this.”

“My friend built a Hobbit playhouse for his daughter in their backyard.”

“Adventures of a single dad with the tooth fairy, to get my son to believe she does exist.”

“Whenever she eats fruits or veggies I let her add the sticker to our collection.”

Who is the most awesome dad in this article? Tell us about the most unusual things that your father did.

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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