20 Designs That Deserve a Round of Applause

3 years ago

A lobster telephone and the Mae West lips sofa by Salvador Dali shook the world of arts and design in the 1930s. Today Dali’s surrealist objects are still inspiring artists and engineers to create bright, innovative, and eye-catching designs. A banana bench, a book tree growing right inside a bedroom, a car covered with seashells, and a human-sized chocolate bar, as a bonus — come with us on a journey through the world of fascinating design.

Here at Bright Side we are already planning to use some of these creative ideas in our homes. Will you share our excitement?

1. This net between 2 floors is a great solution for those who need more space for sleep and relaxation.

There are a few creative hotels and restaurants that have already incorporated this genuine solution to surprise and delight their guests.

2. If you can’t have a full-size office in your apartment, try this desk. It can fit a laptop, some books, and documents while occupying very little space.

3. Just look at this amazing bench that you can stretch out on!

4. With this smart design you can have as many hooks as you need at the moment!

5. A tiny walk-in closet is hidden under the bed.

6. The lower drawers of this cabinet turn into stairs that will let you reach the higher parts. Isn’t that smart?

7. What about a stylish pouf that holds all your shoes?

8. When not needed these chairs turn into a compact pouf.

9. This furniture design consists of several units that can be assembled in different ways to serve different needs.

10. This hybrid of a chair and a ladder is just irreplaceable in a household!

11. This space-saving wooden design will help you dry all your clothes at once.

12. These DIY bookshelves comprised of separate wooden frames can become the most eye-catching detail of your interior.

13. If your balcony is too small for a table, this wonderful wooden board will hold your glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

14. These stairs save a lot of space in a small apartment.

15. This car body covered with sea shells is used as part of the urban design in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

16. A bench, a hammock, and a TV shelf — 3 in one!

17. If there’s no soil for a real tree in your yard, you can still have one (a few awesome owls come as a bonus!).

18. How thoughtful! This bench is protected from rain and snow.

19. How about having your own ’book tree’ at home?

20. With such creative trash cans, clean streets are guaranteed!

BONUS: There’s finally a chocolate bar that’s the right size for me!

Which of these designs seems the most creative to you? Would you like to use any of these ideas at home? Feel free to share your impressions and thoughts in the comments!


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