21 Architects That Were Way Too Creative and Not Very Logical

3 years ago

Architecture, like other disciplines, is an art because it requires a great deal of creativity and imagination. However, sometimes, the designs of certain constructions go beyond any preconceived limits and become really unique pieces thanks to their beauty and functionality. Either that, or they just end up being a weird mix of originality (sort of) and a lack of logic. What good is a building that you cannot just walk into like any other regular place?

Well, it turns out that Bright Side found many of these “strange creatures” around the world thanks to users who shared pics of weird, illogical, and somehow bizarre buildings, which, we have to say, at least give a touch of originality to the urban landscapes they appear in.

1. “People living next to a helicoidal street in Chongqing”

2. “Highway over Naples, Italy”

3. “Karate chop building, Okinawa, Japan”

4. “Postmodern trash in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey”

5. “Yellow house in Mexico”

6. “I’ve driven past this house hundreds of times and I’ve always been confused and annoyed by it. (That’s a door, not a window btw.) Failsworth, Manchester, England”

7. “Modern home in Venice, CA”

8. “Sou Fujimoto’s ‘Arbre Blanc’ Tower in Montpellier, France”

9. “This black cabin floats above the Norwegian landscape.”

10. The very meaning of monotony in Chimbote, Peru

11. Take a closer look at the windows of this building! Paris, France (14th Arrondissement)

12. “House in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia”

13. “Thinnest building in Curitiba (Brazil) — 3.5 meters wide”

14. And the question here is: Why, oh why!?

15. “An original 1930s Shell Gas Station in Winston-Salem, NC”

16. “This weird looking (but I guess luxurious inside) house”

17. “Ideo Q, Bangkok, Thailand. Looks like a fancy prison straight out of a sci-fi movie.”

18. Let’s call this futuristic? Cairo, Egypt

19. There’s always room for a garden — the walls of a building can be pretty useful. Singapore

20. “Weird box house giving me Star Wars vibes. Portland, OR”

21. “Fire escape of the residential apartment building named Copan in São Paulo, Brazil”

How would you design your dream home? What special element would you add to it and why? Let us know in the comment section!


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I think such green buildings like in Singapore could look cool in huge cities and be good for the air too


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