20+ Dogs That Were Perfectly Happy Until Their Owners Decided to Get Another Pup

3 years ago

Everyone knows that a dog is man’s best friend, but this type of pet prefers to be friends with their owner exclusively, not along with an entire pack. An attentive owner will immediately notice the slightest changes in their pet’s behavior because all their emotions are written on their face.

At Bright Side, we decided to figure out how dogs get along with their step-siblings.

“Who else ruined their older dog’s life by getting them a younger sibling?”

“We made that mistake twice.”

“My sister sent me a photo of her dog and a new puppy. Just look at that face.”

“It was at this moment Hank regretted asking for a little brother.”

“It seems like he’s asking, ’Let’s take this thing back, okay?’”

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?”

“My dog is not as amused by the new puppy as we are.”

“One day it will be over. I just need to be patient.”

“Our old boy is really annoyed with our new girl.”

“How your dog feels when you bring home a ’cute’ new puppy”

“When I’m happy, someone I hate suddenly appears.”

“He annoys me.”

“Abby is being so patient with the new puppy.”

“When your little brother is being annoying but your mom is standing right there”

“I’m not sure how my dog feels about her new foster sister.”

“When you get caught bullying your younger sibling”

A self-explanatory look

“My older, smaller dog with his younger, bigger sibling”

“He loves his little brother, I swear.”

“Watson thought if he just didn’t look at the problem, it would go away.”

“Yes, Rosco has ruined Riley’s remaining years.”

“Kingsley loves her new seat in the truck. Her big sister isn’t at all happy about it.”

“He loves his new sister.”

How did your pet cope with the arrival of their new sibling? Show us their photos in the comments below.

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