20+ Facts About Ryan Reynolds, a Handsome Guy Who Won Over Hollywood Despite All Odds

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45-year-old Ryan Reynolds has starred in comedies and movies for more than 20 years. And in 2016 did he become famous worldwide. The comedic actor portrayed a sarcastic comic book character, Deadpool.

Reynolds is famous for his sense of humor, as he actively displays on social media, and he often shows love for his wife, Blake Lively. He’s also managed to snag a Golden Globe nomination for a role where you can barely see his face.

  • Ryan Reynolds was born in Vancouver into a family of a wholesaler, and he was the youngest of 4 brothers. Reynolds became interested in the acting profession, but he wasn’t very successful in the beginning.
  • At the age of 19, he decided to finish his failed career and enroll at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. But he never finished and moved to Los Angeles to try himself as an actor again. Reynolds didn’t tell his parents about his decision because he didn’t want to disappoint them. He told his mom and dad he wanted to be a star when he was already in a different country.
  • According to his social media posts, he once worked early on as a forklift driver in a supermarket. Even before the move to Los Angeles, Reynolds starred in a series of obscure TV series and films, the most famous of which was Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
  • Aside from Sabrina, Reynolds also appeared in Scrubs, The X-Files, National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, Just Friends, and Definitely, Maybe.
  • Very soon, the funny and attractive actor started getting noticed. Thanks to his charisma, he managed to get more and more serious roles. For example, he gained 25 pounds of muscle for Blade: Trinity.
  • One of the most famous comedies starring Reynolds is The Proposal, where he acted alongside Sandra Bullock. The film was very successful at the box office and earned the actor many nominations for different awards.
  • In 2005, the actor wanted to play Deadpool, and as we know, his wish would come true in the future. But before that, he got the role of a different superhero. In 2011, he appeared in The Green Lantern. The film was a total failure, and almost everyone laughed at Reynolds’ animated costume.
  • Reynolds thinks the reason the film was a flop was the studio’s rush to release it as fast as possible. He says that the script was lacking, but he doesn’t regret having this experience. Also, he says that thanks to this movie, he managed to beat his fear of heights. As a teenager, he had a bad experience with a parachute jump, and he’d been afraid of planes ever since.
  • Reynolds laughed at himself and The Green Lantern numerous times, even in his other movies. For example, in Deadpool, there’s a reference to it — at some point, the main character doesn’t let Reynolds take the role of the Lantern and “saves” the future.
  • Gradually, aside from comedies, the actor started to appear in thrillers. But his most famous work is still Deadpool, which earned millions of dollars and got him a Golden Globe nomination.
  • It’s interesting to note that the studio refused to pay the writers to be present on set, so Reynolds had to pay them himself.
  • He became world-famous right after the film was released. He even received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Reynolds has demonstrated not only his sense of humor, but also other personal qualities. When he heard that one of his biggest fans, a 13-year-old teenager with a serious illness, couldn’t come to the premiere, he went to Canada and arranged a personal screening for the boy. In 2016, the actor even became GQ’s “Man of the Year.”
  • Also, Reynolds tried himself as a producer. His movie, Free Guy, was even nominated for an Oscar. The actor has portrayed 4 comic book characters over the course of all these years.
  • Critics think that Reynolds managed to achieve such success thanks to his charisma. Critics say, “He’s not a George Clooney. People like Ryan because they want him around for dinner and then to go home to his happy marriage.”
  • The actor works a lot with Netflix, and in 2020, he was second on the list of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. In 2022, 3 movies with Reynolds in the main role were in Netflix’s top 10.
  • The actor’s personal life is also often discussed online. For 10 years, he has been married to Blake Lively, and they have 3 kids. They often joke with each other online. And few people know this, but it’s actually his second marriage: he was previously married to Scarlett Johansson for just 2 years.
  • Before getting married, Lively and Reynolds went on a double date, but with other partners.
© Kevin Mazur / WireImage / Getty Images, Kristin Callahan / Everett Collection / East News
  • Today, they have 3 daughters, and the oldest one is 8. The actor honestly says that parenthood is a difficult job. He once joked, “I’m a parent of 3 girls. They’re wild. I think they have rabies sometimes.” In September 2022, the actress showed her rounded belly, revealing that they’re expecting a fourth baby.
  • When you look up information about Reynolds, the first thing you see is Deadpool movies. According to viewers, it’s his best role, but he thinks that his best project is Buried. In the movie, he wakes up buried in a coffin with a phone and a lighter. The filming process was tough — he had to lie in the same position for hours. He even lost consciousness once.
  • His second most favorite role was in Adventureland, a comedy with Kristen Stewart.
  • Another serious role he played was a father in The Captive. In the movie, 8 years after his daughter was abducted, he starts to find clues, saying that she might be alive. Also, in 2017, Reynolds played an engineer in Life. In the film, astronauts in a space station have to deal with an unknown living organism from another planet.
  • Reynolds proves that if you do your job well, the results can be amazing. He continues to do a lot of comedies, and he’s really good. But he is equally great at “serious” roles.

Which movie with Ryan Reynolds do you like the most? Do you think he’s good at playing dramatic roles?

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