20 Fleeting Moments That Made People Smile From Ear to Ear

2 years ago

One thing we can never get enough of is staring at pictures of precious moments. They can absolutely sweeten our mood and charge us with positivity for the whole day. Whether it’s a tiny spider peeking out from his house or a bunny shopping — we will always be thankful for those things that bring us joy and put a smile on our faces.

Bright Side will always try our best to make your day just a little better, and this time we have 20 pics that will surely do just that!

1. “Found this little jumping spider peeking out from his house.”

2. “His face after eating whipped cream

3. “Hashbrown isn’t the best at hiding.”

4. “The underside of my picnic table has become a frog condo.”

5. “My son’s first birthday (costume party). Never has a year flown by so fast for me.”

6. “Found this little guy clinging to my cat’s collar.”

7. “Still not 100% sure what I’m doing but these past 4 months have been the best!”

8. “Whenever we foster a singleton kitten, our dog becomes a foster mama.”

9. “Whelp, this explains why the temperature of our house has been all over the map this past week.”

10. “Chad, enjoying the sun”

11. “Raising a well-rounded daughter. She’s 18 months old here in her pink tutu.”

12. “My cat is absolutely obsessed with our new kitten.”

13. “My first baby from a baby on my farm!”

14. “My grandfather had a red-headed woodpecker land on his leg.”

15. “They’ve been inseparable since we brought her home from the shelter.”

16. “I made some new friends today. I kind of felt like that lady in Home Alone, but instead of pigeons, I was covered in chickens.”

17. “Somebody made a ’Doggie Stick Library’ at my niece’s local park...”

18. “Came home to this smile after a 12-hour shift.”

19. “Excuse me, what aisle are the carrots in?”

20. “My big baby Ted loves giving hugs.”

Which one of these pics do you think has the power to make everyone’s day better? And have you ever taken similar pics of your pets? We would love it if you could help us spread even more smiles!

Preview photo credit BlahWitch / reddit


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