20+ Furry Facts Proving That Cats Can Walk Wherever They Like

3 years ago

Cats are liquid. Even scientists won’t dispute this fact. But there’s another key feature of these sacred animals: they know how to choose the best place to rest. And it doesn’t matter if it’s your favorite flowerpot, a computer, or a horse’s head.

At Bright Side, we’ve long realized that if a cat has chosen a place to sleep, you won’t be able to change its mind.

Rich cats of Istanbul

“My new mask covers the nose so well, I can hardly breathe!”

This horse has such a wonderful fur cap. Wait a second...

“No matter how big she gets, she refuses to use another box.”

“He didn’t even care, he stayed asleep the whole time.”

“Whatever you do, do not water this plant.”

“My cat: ’Screw your personal space.’”

So catfortable...

“They’ve found the perfect ’judge you from afar’ position.”

“This is my chin-up bar now.”

“I started unpacking my suitcase, went and made a coffee, and came back to find this!”

“3 luxury cat beds, one teepee with a fleece blanket, and multiple special sleeping arrangements, but Roy will only sleep here.”

“She’s not allowed on the kitchen counter, but I guess she found a loophole.”

“Why all the toys when you have me?”

A purring barbell


When you love to sleep on your dad’s computer:

“My cat Messi sleeps like this. I think he’s broken.”

“We took out this shelf from our mini-fridge to save room and my cat loves lying in it‬.”

“No more bread for today.”

“Nothing special, she’s just enjoying a nice bubble bath, as cats do...”

“He always sleeps on this fence.”

Where does your pet prefer to sleep? Share their photos in the comments below.


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