20+ Fuzzy Travel Companions No One Expected to Meet on Their Trip

3 years ago

For many people, traveling is one of the greatest pleasures in life. And people often share this experience with family, loved ones, and friends. So why not share it with our smaller, furry family members? These Internet users are already taking their pets on trips, and the results can make the coldest day a little warmer, guaranteed.

Here at Bright Side, we adore animals and think that if there’s an opportunity not to part with them, that’s awesome. Just see for yourself.

1. “Apparently we’re bringing llamas on the MAX now...”

2. “I was lucky enough to sit next to this little one on my plane ride!”

3. “This is Athena. It’s her first train trip and she’s a little scared but being brave as ever.”

4. Tiny furry passenger

5. “The little guy was the most popular passenger on the plane today.”

6. “Commuting is ruff.”

7. Apparently it’s been a hectic day for this duo.

8. An exhausted traveler

9. “The guy and his dog on my flight have been like this for over 2 hours.”

10. “I really wish there was a check box to request seating next to any dogs on the plane.”

11. Doggo senses the possibility of a boop...

12. “Hush little baby, don’t say a word, and rest.”

13. “Ever seen penguins on a plane? This guy was flying it!”

14. “So, I guess Babe rides the metro now...”

15. “Today’s flight just got interesting.”

16. “Human, I require your head pats.”

17. “Baby’s first time on a train”

18. “My wife is a flight attendant and uses her benefits to help transfer animals to shelters. Today’s guest was Pepper!”

19. “Got to spend my 5-hour flight next to this good girl!”

20. A happy traveling boy!

21. First-class comfort for the most loyal client

22. “This is how Desmond sleeps on a plane.”

23. “My service dog goofing off during our flight”

24. 2 old best friends having a little snooze on the bus.

25. “The little kitty had its own seat on the 3-hour train ride I was on in Spain!”

On what trips have you taken your pet? We’d be happy to see your comments and pictures in the section below.

Preview photo credit LaylaMil / reddit


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