20+ Girls That Decided to Highlight Their Individuality With a New Hair Color and Hit the Jackpot

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2 years ago

Dying your hair is a great way of self-expression. Modern beauty products let us have any kind of hair we want: pink, blue, green, and beyond. Of course, you need to be quite brave for such experiments. But those who decide to try something like this look amazing.

We at Bright Side love people that have an unusual approach to life, so we were curious to see Internet users with all sorts of hair colors.

“Rainbow, but make it goth.”

“I have a new hair color!”

“My autumn hair”

Why choose one color when you can choose all of them?

“I’m really enjoying the green, mixed the color and dyed it myself!”

“My hairdresser did magic on my hair again!”

“Plain blue, but I’ve been very happy with the curls lately.”

“I wanted more color, then I thought, ’Why not pink?’”

“My friends can’t decide if my hair’s more sherbety or starburst-themed!”

“It was a hard year, so I decided to become bright!”

“I did Rengoku-inspired hair and I’m in love with it!”

“Embracing the fade, May/July/August”

“I’ve always wanted bright bold colors since I was a teenager and I finally made it happen. Dreams come true!”

“I’m 30+ years old and I wanted a pinch of craziness in my life. Why not?”

“I’ve had red hair, auburn hair, copper hair, brown hair, mahogany hair — but never PINK!”

“Yay there’s so much blue out there, it makes me happyyy!!”

“I’m finally back to my favorite color.”

“I think I will always be pink.”

“When I turned 30, I realized I wanted new hair and a new me. It turned out that cartoonish colors are my thing, and I feel great.”

“It’s hard to explain to people why I have such hair when the only reason is ’I want it!’”

“Touched up my rainbow.”

Would you like to dye your hair an unusual color?


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SO MANY COLOURS! I LOVE IT. NOT ENOUGH PLACES OFFER VIBRANT COLOURS AND ITS JUST WHAT YOU NEED SOMETIMES! I used to dye my sons hair when he was in High School. l got called to the school, teacher nd principal leaned in as if telling me a secret only to almost whisper...your son has bright blue hair, l said l know, l did it, he's my own personal Smurf...lol
Asked if there was anything else, told no so l left.
Through his time at school we worked our way through the colour spectrum..the other kids loved it, nd l never had to go discuss that issue again....lol


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