20 Girls Who Decided to Paint the Town Red With Their Manicure and Succeeded

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3 years ago

The characters of our article know that seemingly small things, like a manicure, can increase one’s mood and even boost self-esteem. And though the result isn’t always perfect, they’re ready to keep practicing their skills. Many of them can spend several hours designing their nails or choosing the right color. After all, why not?

The Bright Side team understands that trying to guess which manicure is going to become popular next season is a waste of time. That’s why we searched the internet and found out what designs ordinary girls from around the world prefer to see on their nails.

“Decided to do some Art Nouveau nails and got total vintage vibes.”

“Did the cartoony-looking nails. Very pleased with the results.”

“This may not seem like a big deal to some, but today is the first day postpartum that I’ve been able to do my nails.”

A subtle marble effect

“Freshly done and ready for spring!”

A manicure with clouds

“I’ve started regularly massaging my nails with a worn-out electric toothbrush and vaseline. My cuticles have NEVER been better. Magic, I tell you!”

“My attempt at painting goldfish onto my nails!”

Abstract nail art

“You all are coordinating your manicures with cute coffee cups while I’m over here with turkey fingers...”

“Finally attempted a ‘Russian manicure,’ a.k.a. cuticle extermination.”

“105 individually stamped-on lines for this look! I counted.”

“Took me 3 hours, but it was totally worth it!”

“Who said short nails can’t look cute?”

“’I’m on my fourth husband’ nails”

“This is my fourth time using gel and the first time I’ve tried anything other than a solid color!”

Matte 2-tone tips

“Sweet and spooky floral ghosts”

“I love this look!”

“Painted freehand with gel polish”

Which manicure design do you like more — solid or with prints?

Preview photo credit 2dozenoystersss / Reddit


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If I paint my own nails it's always bright red, black or dark purple... but loved the art nouveau nails and the hand painted over the rainbow ones.... although I am not onto my fourth husband... those are more my type of nails... each to their own likes


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