20+ Good Boys Who Had a Sad, Sad Day. Why Am I Crying Too?

4 years ago

We hate to say this, but... dogs have bad days too. It is our job, as their moms and dads, to be there for them during their rougher days. Days like when they lose their favorite toy, or they have a vet appointment, or when they have to take a bath. No matter what, our duty is to love them and make them feel happy again!

Bright Side doesn’t like seeing sad dogs one bit, that’s why we want to share these 21 photos with you, so you can give them your love and affection and put a smile on their faces again!

1. Even big dogs need a pep talk sometimes.

2. He was sad, because playtime was over.

3. He’s not happy because he can’t fit through the baby door anymore.

4. One of those days...

5. Ramen tries to kiss turtles, but so far he’s had no luck.

6. Poor girl stepped on a wasp.

7. When your mom won’t let you have any more treats:

8. Sad puppy eyes practice

9. When you know this food is not for you, but you still want some:

10. This little pup is sad because you’re not petting him.

11. He looks like he’s reflecting on life.

12. “Today my owner didn’t give me attention 24/7.”

13. He looks like he needs a drink and a treat.

14. “My dog bumped into me while I was carrying my cereal bowl and now he’s sad...”

15. When he knows he’s going to the vet:

16. When the other dogs don’t want to play:

17. He got sad because he pulled the leash and his dad dropped his coffee.

18. *Cue dramatic sad music*

19. When your humans are packing for a vacation:

20. When you hope to play with other pups, but no one showed up at the dog park:

21. Nobody likes showering as a kid, we get it, pup.

If we had one wish, it would be for dogs to never be sad again! Do your dogs get visibly upset when you can’t play or when they are not allowed to have any more treats? Please let us know and feel free to share pictures of them.

Preview photo credit Panther779 / reddit


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It's easier to read emotions in dogs faces than in most faces of humans and they are always honest...


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