20 Images That Teach Us to Rise Up From the Ashes No Matter What

2 years ago

tree has the power to grow back, even after being uprooted, and an animal with no hope can bounce back when truly cared for. We know some days are harder than others but all you need is a little ray of hope and some faith to go back to being your old self again.

Bright Side believes strong determination can move mountains. Below is our compilation of 20 powerful photos which can inspire you to never give up hope.

1. “This tree that was burned in a bushfire continues to live.”

2. “I took the cat off the street. Photos are of before and after one month had passed.”

3. “6-month weight loss”

4. “Before and after pics of a husky we rescued last year”

5. “We have a peanut growing in our flower bed that we didn’t plant.”

6. “My dad hasn’t had time to follow his passion for painting in 35 years. He did this yesterday.”

7. “My friend rescued this dog that was left to die in the desert.”

8. A tree coming out of an abandoned chimney

9. Me at age 15, anorexic with crippling social anxiety vs me at age 22, now a full-time fashion model in life mode

10. “Before and after I painted my house and fixed the yard”

11. “My sister (14 years old) with down syndrome, who wasn’t supposed to survive the first 24 hours of her life, eating a donut she made to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day”

12. “Found this beautiful tree growing inside an abandoned silo while I was exploring.”

13. “5 years of progress and 140 lb dropped!”

14. “After 12 years of trying, my first daughter finally arrived. She’s perfect.”

15. The tree fell but the branches carried on growing."

16. “This tree I saw in Tokyo that’s grown over its barrier”

17. “My Mom decided to reactivate her nursing license after 20 years. I get to teach her!”

18. “This tree has nearly enveloped a sign.”

19. “I just stood without assistance for the first time since having back surgery.”

20. “This tree growing out of a tube”

What, according to you, was the hardest time in your life? How did you cope with it?

Preview photo credit Reudig / Reddit


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