20 Kids Who Probably Have Insanely Creative Parents

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4 years ago

“On our 6 AM walk, my daughter asked where the moon goes each morning. I let her know it’s in heaven, visiting daddy’s freedom.” This is what Ryan Reynolds has to say about parenting.

To make it easier Bright Side prepared a collection of creative solutions for everyday tasks. Do not forget to check the bonus section and smile.

1. If your kids are afraid of monsters under their beds, make this spray to scare them off before going to sleep.

2. To corral toys that usually float away in the bath, use this:

3. This will help prevent little fingers from getting caught in doors.

4. A tear-free way to make your kid take medicine:

5. Here is an easy way to help your kids learn which is the right and which is the left shoe.

6. Here is a great idea for a sandbox for kids:

7. When it’s your turn to babysit, but you still have to get work done:

8. This is one way to keep hands clean! The cucumber soaks up drips.

9. Play the “Hands on the Circle” game to keep your kids safe from oncoming traffic while parents are unloading the car.

10. A safe way to take your kid with you and protect them from the sun

11. Faucet extender for kids:

12. Help your kids learn their multiplication tables.

13. DIY child’s wheelchair (if your child can’t crawl or walk because of a trauma and is too small for a wheelchair)

14. Cover your trampoline springs with pool noodles to avoid pinching toes.

15. Sew 4 pillow cases together, insert pillows — and the portable bed is ready.

16. This is how you can keep sand off your kid at the beach:

17. I have a crawling baby. This is a reminder to replace the outlet covers.

18. Remove a splinter without pain: apply a paste of baking soda and water and wait for several minutes.

19. Bring your kids’ markers back to life by soaking them in rubbing alcohol for 15 seconds.

20. Non-slip rug for children

Bonus: Some parents are sure that it is easy to live when you have a sense of humor and develop this quality in your kids from childhood.

I found a horribly fun way to disappoint my kids in the morning!

A quick way to destroy your kids’ faith:

I asked my dad for $10 for gas. He said, “Sure, it’s in the top left drawer of my computer desk.”

How to get your kids to give you a back massage:

I told my kids there were fairies in the garden. Now they are not talking to me.

Do you find these ideas creative and useful? Have you had to create anything like this to manage your everyday child-rearing tasks? Share your ideas below!

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