20+ Kitchen Cabinet Dwellers Whose Charisma Goes Over the Top

3 years ago

Satisfaction with food also depends on the conditions in which it is consumed. Charles Spence, a professor of psychology at Oxford University, writes about it in the book Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating. According to him, the size and the shape of the dishes we eat on also affect the pleasure we get from our food.

We at Bright Side understand that creative dishware will not only brighten up a meal, but it can also make your day. Just look at this selection we’ve put together for you.

“Found this jar to put your coffee grounds in. Love it. Bought it. Has a fake little electrical cord too.”

The best mug for morning coffee

A noodle bowl with chopstick holders. His name is Udon.

This mug seems to be created specifically for cocoa with marshmallows.

It seems like someone may have put too much salt in there.

There’s no such thing as extra Totoro.

“I really regret not buying this.”

Berries are tastier from a bowl in the form of a hippo tummy.

Cute little ghosts for salt and pepper

A dish with an octopus for extraordinary personalities

It’d be nice to pour green tea into this bowl and enjoy the scenery.

A plate in the shape of a corgi’s butt. Isn’t it sweet?

Salt and pepper shakers. Has this couple had a fight or are we just seeing things?

Is this cup was made for unwanted guests?

Bunnies at the edge of the bowl will make sure everything has been eaten.

Helpful kitchen bears: a napkin holder, a sugar bowl and a creamer, salt and pepper shakers

Don’t you also want to pet the kitten with your finger?

Is this from a fantasy lover’s kitchen cabinet?

“I was amused to see these cups next to each other.”

Only a fur seal could be cuter than a cat.

Their temperament runs in their family.

“Kowalski, report the situation!”

Do you have any unusual dishware?

Preview photo credit Mary Ruggeri / facebook


I can't even choose which one.. maybe this one pot with hands for chopsticks. So sweet ???
This teapot from the first photo reminded me of those from The beauty and the beast
I think this is pretty cool if you don't have to clean little pieces that will stuck inside??
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