20 Locals Shared Pictures of the Strangest Things You Can Find in Their Country

2 years ago

For human beings, traveling is a way of getting to know cultures that may be quite different from our own. But confronting these customs helps us to recognize the wide range of opportunities we have to expand our knowledge and keep our capacity for wonder alive. This time, users of the network shared some images that reflect what makes their countries unique.

At Bright Side, we compiled very particular details that make some countries a new world to discover, and we want to share them with you.

1. “We visited the largest bench in Germany.”

2. “In mainland China, they place IV fluids on trees to give them extra nutrition.”

3. “In Victoria, there are duck ramps in the harbor.”

4. “This cabin on top of a silo in Oldham County, Kentucky”

5. “There’s a GIANT red pill at the Matrix Resurrections movie world premiere in San Francisco, CA.”

6. “Here’s the koala that lives in my backyard and the new sign the council just installed so it can cross the road safely.”

“Just a normal residential street in Australia.”

7. “Bread inside a purse (Portugal)”

8. “This path in Belgium lets you walk or cycle through a lake at eye-level.”

9. “This window in a local library that goes into a creek”

10. “My littlest dude standing at the base of a sequoia in the Giant Forest”

11. “There’s a 23-story building in Duisburg, Germany with absolutely no windows (German National Archives).”

12. “This upside down house in the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine”

13. “A gas station near me has a local honey vending machine outside.”

14. “Fried chicken and shrimp in a popcorn machine, tacos on a toaster, tiramisu in a water pot, and some weird sword thing.”

“They had to take back some items because they couldn’t fit on the table.”

15. “You can print out a short story at my local coffee shop. Read while you wait!”

16. “My local playground has a communication board so kids can interact and play if they are deaf or can’t speak the language.”

17. “Here’s my awesome Korean school lunch! Schools have a qualified nutritionist to plan the lunch menu.”

18. “Instead of annuals (flowers), my town planted peppers in the medians.”

19. “In Italy, ’Cool Ranch’ Doritos are called ’Cool American Flavor.’”

20. “Some of the trash cans in Copenhagen are tilted so people on bikes can throw out trash while riding.”

What is the most peculiar thing about where you live? Share a photo!


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