20 Lucky People Who Found the Treasure at the End of the Rainbow in Thrift Stores

year ago

Finding hidden treasures under the sea or at the end of a rainbow is something that many of us dreamed of as children. Now, as adults, we can try to find a discount in a thrift store, and the truth is that many times we may be surprised to find a unique object that could even far exceed the price for which we acquired it.

1. “14k earrings found at a thrift store.”

2. “Found it for only 1€ at a weekend flea market.”

3. “Found this at a thrift store; I thought you guys would enjoy seeing this too.”

4. “I found this vintage wedding dress, and it makes me happy even though I have no reason to wear it!”

5. “I found possibly the coolest teapot ever in a thrift store for $3. I can’t wait to brew up my faves in this!”

6. “$12.99 at Salvation army for the cutest Schwinn cruiser ever! Totally brand new!”

7. “Lovely Thrift Store Find: 14K Gold Dragonfly Brooch (Melt = $247)”

8. This piece of furniture cost only 10 USD.

9. “Thrifted this GORGEOUS princess dress yesterday for only $18! I looked it up, and it retails for $600-$700.”

10. “Jean Paul Gaultier earrings for 25 cents!”

11. “14 bucks for this bad boy.”

12. “My love for classical music finally paid off (Verdi book found in a charity shop for £3).”

13. “Just when I thought I was leaving empty-handed...”

14. “An epic Marketplace find, like a ’90s Nickelodeon show fever dream.”

15. “Is this vase trying to seduce me?”

16. “Found a 110-year-old 18k gold wedding ring today.”

17. “New thrift find. Marked 14k chain and snowflake pendant. Paid $19.99 (with a store discount coupon).”

18. “Everything on my stove is thrifted, but I’m especially in love with the egg frying pan.”

19. “Oscar de la Renta tweed luggage set for $16!”

20. “Bought this in a jar of jewelry for 39.99. 24k gold / 999.9 and 13g”

What are some of the little hacks you use to save more when you go shopping? Is there anything you’d be willing to buy regardless of its price?


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