20 Luxurious Things From Dubai That Made Us Gasp

4 years ago

Dubai is home to many billionaires from across the world and many rich and powerful people travel to live the high-life there. While in Dubai, they love to flaunt their wealth and enjoy luxuries that can be found nowhere else. From vending machines that throw out gold bars to gold and diamond-studded cellphones that cost as much as some apartments, if you can imagine the wildest of luxuries, it probably already exists Dubai.

In this article, Bright Side is attempting to show you a glimpse of the ridiculously rich and extravagant lifestyle of insanely wealthy people who call Dubai home.

1. Playing tennis atop a 1,000-ft tall building

2. “Some phones I saw for sale at the Dubai International Airport”

3. Your car needs to be able to hit 410k mph to outrun this cop in Dubai.

4. This is how you avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam...

5. But if you don’t like a 4-wheeler, a no-wheeler is also well within your budget.

6. This is what might arrive if you order a taxi.

7. This is what a private parking space looks like.

8. If driving and flying high-end gear can’t give you an adequate adrenaline rush, you can always try swimming with sharks.

9. This is what a million-dollar cake looks like. You can order one if you’re in Dubai.

10. This ATM gives gold bars instead of bills.

11. You can feel safe because no thief can escape a robotic police force.

12. This hotel provides gold plated iPads to its residents.

13. Flights where you can carry your pets onboard

14. Gold plated high-end luxury cars

15. The world’s heaviest gold ring

16. And it’s not just cars and rings that are covered in gold. You can buy gold-infused cupcakes that cost over $1,000!

17. Having dinner 164 feet in the air while suspended by a crane

18. You can have assistance carrying purchases through a mall.

19. Living above the clouds is not just a metaphor, it’s a reality for the uber-rich.

20. This number plate costs $9 million.

Which of these extravagant items made your jaw drop in awe? Do you have other bewildering pics from Dubai or any other places? If you found these luxuries otherworldly, share them with your friends.

Preview photo credit brett jordan / flickr


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This is SO crazy it's unbelievable!! How can people/country be this rich??


I have never interested with Dubai unlike my obsession toward Japan and South Korea. Maybe I don't like rich style ??????


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