20+ Nostalgic Photos That Opened a Portal to Our Childhoods

3 years ago

You don't need a time machine to go back to the past. Sometimes even taking one glance at a picture is enough to send yourself back to the times of childhood. Try to remember your first Tamagotchi. Can you? Now you're ready to travel back in time!

Bright Side has found photos of forgotten artifacts that help us remember the carefree days when we didn't have to think about adulting at all!

23. Blonde highlights were a dream of any girl.

22. Hello, Moto!

21. Gel rollers would replace crayons, felt pens and even coloring pencils.

20. Toys from The Milky Way's magic box

19. Inserts from chewing gum were the biggest treasure.

18. It seems we've forgotten how easy it was to get a flat belly.

17. Remember using this type of telephone?

16. For those who grew up without the Internet:

15. Who else used to draw such masterpieces?

14. Our favorite heroes were everywhere!

13. Girls used these hair straighteners to style their hair before going dancing.

12. The fidget spinner of the 90's

11. This lamp represented the highest level of creativity.

10. Sailor Moon fighters were loved by everyone.

9. It'd be nice to play these games today!

8. However, some childhood games are best left in the past because they'd hurt our eyes!

7. But we didn't forget how real these spells looked.

6. Is there a person that isn't familiar with this phone game?

5. Disney cartoons weren't the only ones we watched...

4. As kids, this movie was very scary and the graphics were mind-blowing.

3. When sending a song was a huge deal:

2. When an "adult movie" started after this intro:

1. This was perhaps the biggest disappointment in childhood...

If you could return to your childhood for one day, what would be the first thing you'd do? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit Taringa, quickim


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