20+ Old Photos of Grandmas Whose Youth and Beauty Take Our Breath Away

5 years ago

Back in the day, our grandmothers didn’t have a wide array of choices when it came to clothes and makeup, they didn’t use Photoshop and photo filters, they didn’t visit the spa, and they definitely didn’t get beauty injections like modern celebrities. But they were still beautiful enough to take our breath away.

This collection from Bright Side is so inspiring that it may make you take a look at some old photos of your grandmothers back from when they were young.

1. “My grandmother’s wedding day in 1945 — she was 18.”

2. “My beautiful grandmother turned 99 years old on Sunday.”

3. “My great grandma posing next to a waterfall in the 1960s”

4. “My grandma was a real rogue back in 1940.”

5. “My grandma 47 years ago”

6. “My gorgeous grandma in the ’50s looking very sophisticated”

7. “My grandmother in the late ’50s and early ’60s. This was around the time she went on a date with George Carlin while he was a DJ out of Shreveport.”

8. “My grandmother with her dog Bam Bam in the 1960s or 1970s”

9. “My late great grandmother, 1961”

10. “My German grandmother in the 1940s”

11. “My Grandma was a model when she was younger and this is her at the age of 22.”

12. “My grandma in Vietnam, circa the 1950s”

13. “My grandma in the Dutch dunes in the summer of 1954”

14. “My grandmother’s favorite photo of herself — she had just graduated nursing school sometime around 1956.”

15. “My grandmother in the 1940s”

16. “My grandmother on a date with my grandfather around 1945 — she used to make her own dresses!”

17. “My grandmother, Maria Teresa Carrizo, in 1963. She was a renowned international ballet dancer and the founder of the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in Argentina.”

18. “My grandma in the mid-’70s. She met my grandpa while she was a model and a B-list movie actress in Spain. At the time they met, she was married to a matador. I’ve always thought this photo made her look like a Bond girl.”

19. “My beautiful grandmother, 1964”

20. “My grandma had such a gorgeous smile in the 1950s.”

21. “My grandmother had taken this photo of herself to send to my grandfather while he was overseas in WWII during the 1940s.”

22. “My grandmother modeling a Christian Dior wedding gown in the 1940s”

23. “In 1945, my 26-year-old grandma looked like she was famous. She wasn’t.”

24. “My grandmother, circa 1960”

25. “My gorgeous grandmother in the 1940s”

26. “My grandma posing with her corgis (the 1970s)”

27. “My beautiful grandma at the age of 17 in 1956, coming off the dance floor”

28. “My grandma at 18, showing off a handmade dress (1949)”

Do you still have old photos of your grandma? Share them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit jbergz43 / reddit


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