20+ Ordinary Things That Were Designed by People With a Divine Talent

4 years ago

Truly talented designers are able to turn even the most ordinary things into small pieces of art that are absolutely mesmerizing. For example, a lamp doubled over in back pain at a chiropractor’s office. And also, chandeliers that look like jellyfish hanging in a seafood restaurant.

We at Bright Side are absolutely sure that these people have a never-ending imagination. Here are 20+ photos that prove we are right.

This crisscross water pattern at the Johannesburg airport

This lamppost in front of a chiropractor’s office

Chocolate rabbit from IKEA

Custom cat forest

These fish socks from Japan

This tablecloth looks like a giant beer bottle cap.

The bottom of my racing shoes look like tire treads.

A sidewalk sign for the Toronto Academy of Karate

This is probably the best case for the new iPhone.

The ID lanyards at this conference are USB charging cables with lightning and USB-C support.

This casino ad at an airport

This luggage conveyer belt passes through the trunk of a Fiat.

This jellyfish lamp at a seafood restaurant

This bus stop bench has a solar panel and 2 wireless charging stations.

This crane is painted like a giraffe.

This transparent tent: Waking up must be amazing.

Walls in this school were turned into giant books.

“These music shop shutters I saw”

The door handle at this movie theater is a film reel.

An emergency light painted to look like a giraffe

Cool tables in Plymouth that look like they’re fighting gravity

This toilet that’s designed to fit into a corner

“My grandfather’s heart medicine is in the shape of a heart.”

“This mural in my grandmother’s nursing home incorporates the safety rail into its design.”

Have you ever seen examples of incredible design? Tell us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit danifrancuzrose / reddit


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This airport casino add is genius, what a nice touch to a rather boring area


I really hope these cats weren't placed there just for the photo - we all know cats love boxes ?


oh my!! my kitties definitely would love the custom kitty forest!! thats freaking awesome! ???


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