20+ People Recreated Their Old Photos to Vividly Show How Time Flies

3 years ago

If we could time travel, many people would hurry to try it. They probably wouldn’t go into the unknown future, but instead most would go into their own past. And it comes as no surprise because in our childhood, we felt happiness with every cell in our body, the sun shined brighter, and we had the strongest friendships that were supposed to last a lifetime. Some people managed to open a portal to their youth by recreating their old pictures, so they could feel like they were still these carefree babies, at least for a couple of seconds.

We at Bright Side paid close attention to these photos, and we were surprised to realize how fast time flies. On the other hand, some people haven’t changed and even 30 years later, they still continue to fool around like they did when they were kids, and this is so cool. At the end of the article, you’ll find an adorable bonus showing that in the animal world, time goes by much faster.

“The years have passed.”

“My parents near their tree in 1975 and now, in 2016.”

“3 sisters. The time difference between these photos is 15 years.”

“1999 & 2019”

“My dad and I, 38 years apart”

“The bride and the maid of honor, then and now”

“My little brother cleaning the toilet 7 years ago and now.”

“23 years later”

“My dad wanted to recreate his childhood photo with Santa.”

“New Year’s Eve in Kosovo in 1998 and in 2020”

“My dog turned 16 today. We’ve been together since she was born.”

“My sons and I in 2005 and in 2018”

“Me in 1995 and 2010, British Columbia”

"I found an old American Girl outfit I wore as a kid in my parent’s house. The skirt wouldn’t zip and the blouse is too short now, but still.

“We recreated this photo that was taken 27 years ago as a Christmas present for my mom.”

“1996 vs 2018 — My best friend and I, reconnecting after 6 years of being apart.”

“My brothers and I, 15 years apart.”

“My twin brother and I in 1999 and in 2019”

“I recreated this childhood photo 25 years later as a present for my family.”

“I came to this courtroom with my class in kindergarten. Today, 14 years later, I finished my internship with the judge in the same courtroom.”

“My brother and I in 1990 and in 2017”

“24 years have passed”

“My dad returned to London, 37 years later.”

“Then and now photos”

“It took us 14 years to recreate the same picture at the Taj Mahal. We’ve truly grown up.”

“My mother made me the 2-year-old outfit and the 39-year-old outfit.”

“I thought I’d surprise my mom for Christmas.”

Bonus: “There have only been 2 years between the first and the second photos.”

Have you ever tried to recreate your old photos? Share the results with us.

Preview photo credit djrealitykilla / Reddit


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