20+ People Shared Stories About Their Pets’ Amazing Skills

4 years ago

Our pets that we love are not only a source of cuteness, but they can also surprise us with their wittiness. Some of them help us, and even save us, in the most unpredictable situations. And others just fool around and use tricks to achieve their goals.

We at Bright Side have found stories about animals that prove they can be quite inventive when they want to.

  • In order to stop my cats from jumping on me while I work, I use an app for cats. There are mice running around the screen and making sounds and if you hit them with a paw, you get a point. This is so cool! My cats sit in line to play! For 2 hours, I’ve been watching them and feeling happy I can work now. I haven’t started working though. © umorist
  • I have a Norwegian Forest Cat which is a very uncommunicative breed: it doesn’t like when you play with it and it is completely independent. But every time I get ready to travel, she becomes a totally new cat. 2-3 days before I leave, she becomes a little bit sad, follows me wherever I go, and makes very sad sounds. She does everything to make me feel guilty. I have no idea how she understands that I’m going to leave.
  • I went out of town for a weekend and lined up someone to stay with my rabbit. I was just heading back to my house when I got the call to get home NOW because the rabbit was acting weird. Listless, turning down treats... I get home and sit with her for about 20 minutes. Yep, she’s showing signs of not feeling well. Get her to the emergency vet. $300 for the vet to tell me her diagnosis: drama queen. The rabbit was just upset that I wasn’t home. © Decoupagetheworld
  • A friend of mine has an African Grey parrot — and has owned her for 20 years or so. The friend got married about 7 years ago, and the bird is well aware that the husband is the new guy. Half the time when he tells it to do something (like be quiet) the response he gets is a VERY salty “I’m not your bird.” Then yells “Diaaaaannnne” because the husband has NO street credit at all. © tequilamockingbird99

“Meet my cat. Today we took her to the vet who told us that she is not deaf, she’s just been ignoring us all these years.”

  • My cat loves turning on the coffee maker — it has sensor buttons. He uses his paw to turn it on and presses the panel with his nose. Sometimes, he makes good American coffee. © Vsehposlav
  • My daughter’s cat brought a new cat home and let her eat from his plate. My daughter said that now she understands how a mother-in-law feels when she meets her son’s girlfriend. © PivBear
  • Our children were already asleep and my husband and I went out on the balcony before going to bed. The balcony door shut and locked behind us. We couldn’t open it and the kids were asleep. We didn’t want to sleep on the balcony, so we started banging on the door hoping one of the kids would hear us and rescue us. But only the cat came. He understood what the problem was. He started screaming and trying to open the door. Eventually, one of the kids got up and saved us. © Igara4
  • I don’t know how to explain this, but my cat always feels that my husband is about to come home. Less than a minute before he arrives, he is already at the door waiting. It doesn’t matter what time my husband comes home. There must be some kind of a connection between this cat and his owner. © KRYZHiK
  • I have a bell hanging on my front door that my dogs ring when I need to take them out. My husky used to start ringing it and when I got dressed and put my shoes on, she would go lie in my spot on the bed and not go out. Once, I called her bluff and didn’t get up from the bed. So she pooped on the floor. Absolute power move. © deepfriedpotatos

  • I had 2 dogs, one Newfoundland and one Husky. The Newfie was chewing on a bone and the Husky was looking at it like she really wanted it. So she walked over to the door and rang the bell to get let out. So I stand up to let her out. The Newfie realized we were going outside, so he leaves the bone on the floor and goes to the door. Husky then leaves the door, lies down, and starts chewing the bone. © beaushaw

  • My dog hardly ever barks and is very well-behaved. When we go for walks, every dog we walk past in my neighborhood barks ferociously at him. He pees in their yards and only in their yards. © inkishworks

  • One of my dogs used my other dog as a stepping stool to climb up on the couch. Straight up walked up the one lying next to the couch to get up there. Just blatant disrespect. © nhstadt

  • I was staying at my parents’ place. They don’t have central heating and they brought me a small heater for my room. The room is tiny, so the bed was very close to the heater. At night, I woke up because my cat was looking at me and meowing very loudly. I got angry and I turned on my side. Then I saw that my blanket was on top of the heater and it was almost on fire already. I quickly removed the blanket and thanked the cat for not letting me burn alive. © mrjohnclare

  • My cat is very loyal. He always knows when I’m not okay — both physically and morally. And in moments like this, he comes, meows like he cares, and bumps his face on my forehead. And once, when I burst into tears in front of him, (he somehow knew where the Kleenex was), he brought a pack of Kleenex and threw it at my feet.
  • We had one cat that was scary smart. He could open doors and operate light switches. One of the things he used to do was open the kitchen cabinets and sit inside the pans, so my husband bought a pack of baby-proofing latches. The cat sat and watched while my husband installed the first one and tested it. Then, while maintaining eye contact, the cat reached over and flicked open the baby-proofed cabinet door on the first try. My husband never bothered installing the rest of the latches, and we continued washing all of the pots and pans before using them... © pro_ajumma
  • I had a pet rat named Rudi that was equal parts smart and lazy. He always moved the bowl with his food around until it stood just under the hem of his hammock. He then proceeded to lie in the hammock, letting his head hang over the edge into the food bowl, so he could eat while lying down. © DickesEnde_r
  • I have a potbellied pig named Luau. I was outside on my patio, working on a craft project, while I let him run around the yard. He kept coming up and bumping against the table to see if I had a treat or if I would pet him. He kept messing me up, so I put a spray bottle of water next to me. He knows what that is and doesn’t like getting sprayed, so I was hoping he would stay away and exercise instead of bothering me. I went inside for a minute, came back out, and the spray bottle was way on the other side of the yard, and Luau had climbed into my seat and was standing there happily wagging his little pigtail. © shiniesahoy
  • A woman I know went on vacation and I went to her place to feed her 4 cats. Yesterday, one of them had broken a glass jar and I started an interrogation. The cats were listening and pretending that they had nothing to do with it. Finally, one of them broke, came up to me, and started meowing something, looking at other cats. The second cat went to him, slapped him in the face, and left the kitchen. The others left too. © Koteggg
  • My family was talking about how the cat had stopped bringing mice into the house and the next day he brought a rat in. © doiknow-no
  • My cat woke up early and wanted my parents to wake up at the same time to feed her. So she jumped on the dresser and threatened to drop everything on the floor. She started with my dad’s watch: she slowly pushed it closer and closer to the edge until it fell down. Then, she went to my mom’s jewelry box and also pushed it to the edge. My parents always woke up before she pushed the box onto the floor. © lamiller0622
  • We got a kitten and our older cat started limping around, then graduated to dragging his back legs behind him like he was paralyzed and wheezing like he couldn’t breathe. Of course, we rushed him to the vet who could find nothing wrong with him but asked us if we had recently gotten a new kitten. We took the older cat home, and the next time he started wheezing and limping we just ignored him. After a few minutes, he realized it wasn’t working anymore, got up, and ran straight up the cat tree. © qxrhg

How often do your pets do something like this? Tell us in the comment section below!

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Loved the one that used the other for as a stair lol


My dog never stops amazing. When he's mad at me he does this crazy thing of ignoring so hard I can't resist it but spoiled him haha


Okay what a weird cat the one that stop bringing mice to its house to start bringing rats lol


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