20 People Who Always Come Out Clean From Any Trouble

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Dealing with troubles in a creative way is a part of evolution. We all may have faced the situations where we had to improvise and fix something using only things we had at hand. Our today’s heroes are masters of solving troubles and sometimes they found the laziest way to deal with problems. And here’s where all genius solutions start!

Bright Side is feeling really inspired after witnessing how far people’s problem-solving skills can go, and we’re curious about how many of these you think you could’ve come up with yourself.

1. “Making the most out of my scar”

2. “I have a lazy eye and forgot my glasses for our family pictures. My brother fixed it for me.”

3. “My phone broke (purple line on the screen) but then I fixed it!”

4. “I have an ugly tribal tattoo. But I think I fixed it.”

5. “My sister’s neighbor wore the face off her monkey so she fixed it with an old tee shirt.”

6. “My black doggo’s face never shows up in pics, so I fixed it and made it where you can see his happy face.”

7. “Behold, my friend’s butt razor!”

8. “There they fixed it.”

9. “Work snack Cheetos dust problem has now been solved.”

10. “Fixed the watch’”

11. “Washing machine lid, fixed!”

12. “Packed our son’s school lunch. We were out of juices boxes, so I improvised.”

13. “A very creative temporary solution”

14. “How my grandparents fixed their TV problem...”

15. “My daughter fixed her cousin’s barbie after the head popped off and would not reattach.”

16. “The way they ’fixed’ this hole at my doctor’s office”

17. “My coworker forgot her contact lens case, so she improvised.”

18. “Got my gran an iPod Nano for Christmas but forgot to get her a case. So she improvised, as most granny’s do.”

19. “Had to improvise when I didn’t have a banana to use for scale when I was selling a cage online.”

20. “I’ve been considering getting this as a tattoo.”

Which one of these solutions do you think is the most creative? Which one of them would you like to try? Let us know in the comments.

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